The CW CHRONICLES: “Sinners” by Silvano Williams (Reviewed by Derek – #NerdGirlDad)

The CW Chronicles Sinners cover

Title: CW CHRONICLES: Sinners

    Author: Silvano Williams

    Published Date: December 30, 2013

    Genre:  Action/Adventure


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“Sinners” is the pilot episode to The CW Chronicles; an illustrated saga of cosmic proportions! These events take place in the outskirts of a different place, a different universe, an alternate reality. What is referred to as a dimension. This particular dimension is called the Weirdiverse, and Villain, the Champion of Chaos, is on the verge of destroying it. Villain has found a way to damage the source of life in the cosmos. If he isn’t stopped, life will cease to exist in all of the universes and dimensions. Reality will be destroyed. Working alongside CW, the Weirdiverse’s Champion of Order, are Vlad, an ex-mental patient, and Ilona, his nurse; the only humans inducted into the Dimension Police, an extra dimensional order-keeping peace force. Together, they attempt to stop Villain; however, Vlad is imprisoned by the Dimension Police and accused of murder. By working together, only they can stop Villain, but sometimes, not even the ultimate sacrifice may be enough to save the day… In this battle of Good vs. Evil, the crazy guy is the middle ground!

paragraph divider 18***Derek, #NerdGirlDad’s Review***

I have two descriptions of this work:

(i) A thrilling adventure through a space different from our own, with a battle between good and evil which will have you interested to the end.

(ii) A tale which one would expect to find in a comic of the Marvel type, with a superhero and villain, both of whom are practically indestructible.

Whilst the cover is suggestive of a comic book style, the descriptive text suggests its suitability for serious sci-fi readers (such as myself). I feel that it would have been better for the author to decide which to promote and then stick to it. He very obviously has great talent, but sadly, for me, it was not used to its best effect in this book.

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