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Title: Shad’rah

Author: Neil Orr

Published Date: 11/27/2013

Genre:  Fantasy


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Welcome to Kiyor’lin, a land where magic is prevalent. It is a realm of many cultures where Elves are the current ruling race. They are allied with Dwarves and the Humans. The ogres to the north and the Trolls to the south are bound by a treaty that is tenuous, at best. However, the real threat comes in the form of an evil witch that serves the dark dragon god. Using hired assassins and an army of demons, Nymette is determined to bring chaos and destruction to the land.
The young Elfin king is chosen by the dragon god of the light to put a stop to the witch and her army. After handpicking his command party, Draganos sets out with a regiment of his finest warriors. Along the way, they must avoid the assassins that are hired to put an end to him. They will face demons of all kinds, including the ones hidden within themselves. They will learn new things about one another. In the strangest moment, Draganos realizes his queen. But, in order to survive long enough to wed his love, he must first learn the ancient truth.
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***#NerdGirlKtLBLy’s  Review***

 I love fantasy books and have to say that this story is definitely deserving of 5 stars. In Kiyor’lin they have Dragon Gods of Dark and Light to worship. They used to have Dragon Gods of all the elements like Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Light, and Dark, but since Light and Dark are the only one’s around now everyone just thinks the others are made up or just part of a story. The dark dragon is trying to get a witch named Nymette to work with him so he can arise and take over the world of Kiyor’lin. The Elf King Draganos, who is the only one left in his family after his mother passes away when he was young, his father was murdered, and his brother suffered a worse fate, knows that the only way to stop Nymette is to go out and find her and stop her. After Nymette sends some people to try to assassinate him, Draganos takes his best friend/messenger William, Williams’s sister and Draganos’s other best friend Kitora, their wizard friend Hadrian, a dward friend Shibi, and good witch Dahviesh along with him. Draganos is one of a kind because he has special powers that he can manipulate the elements around him and he can also transform himself into animals which help them on their journey. The conversations between the characters were so natural and lighthearted that it’s not hard to really get pulled into the story. They joke with each other, they pick on each other, they have sad moments, funny moment, happy moments, a little bit of everything. Also along the way Draganos has always known Kitora as a friend but now that their older he’s starting to see her in a new light. Again it comes off so natural and believable that it’s so cute and sweet. They meet other people on their journey who are trying to stop them from getting to Nymette and some people who want to help, but can the outside people be trusted?
The only negative thing I can say about this is that part two isn’t out yet! I loved the story so much that I want part two now!

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