Away by B.A. Wolfe (Reviewed by Stephenee – #NerdGirlSteph and Michele – #NerdGirlMichele)

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Title: Away

    Author: B.A. Wolfe

    Published Date: November 18, 2013

    Genre:  Contemporary Romance

    Rating:  Above each Review

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What good is running AWAY when you only end up lost? Cassandra Pierce had her whole “perfect” life planned out by her parents. One night of pure weakness and lust has her running away from it all and seeking refuge in Alamosa with her best friend. But it seems life has other plans for her when she finds herself lost in the small town of Keaton. Jason Bradley is a charming country guy. He lives a simple life that’s nothing like what Cassandra is used to. A single moment in life changed everything he thought he once knew, leaving him with a broken heart and an unplanned future. What happens in Keaton is nothing Cassandra or her heart could have ever prepared for. The instant connection she shares with Jason is no secret, but what they’re keeping hidden from one another is. Will these two be able to find a way to trust each other or will their secrets tear them apart?

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This book should be more than 5 stars, but that is the only option that I have to give it. It is so very seldom that I find a book that captures my attention, makes me think, has me crying and leaves me feeling like I lost my best friend. I am talking big ugly, almost sobbing tears as I struggle to see the words on my kindle because they are falling and my vision is blurry tears. Very seldom in my life has a book torn me apart like this one. The relationships, the hurt, the pain, the anguish, but also the joy, the love, the friendship and the acceptance. Pretty much everything about this book and story will leave you wanting more while at the same time being so mad about it all.

I devoured this book in a couple of hours, all while thinking that I am going to stop after the next chapter, and then the next and then the next. The characters are amazing and are so well developed that you are sure that you know everything about them. The story just had a flow that made you want to keep reading and put off everything else that you had to do. Cassandra had been dealt an awful hand with her parents expecting her to live up to their ideals and perfection. I loved when she was finally able to speak up to her parents when the time presented itself. She evolved and found her backbone at just the right times. It just goes to show you that family has nothing to do with DNA. You can’t choose your family, but you can make one that loves you! Her family was in Keaton, the last place she ever imagined (especially since she was there by accident, literally by accident). My heart broke for everything she lost. I cried right along with her and maybe for her. Jason (Jase) was also dealt a rough hand, however, you never know that he was dealt this hand since it was kept a secret most of the book. He made me want to dance in the middle of the street, have a picnic, play Scrabble and just be, to just live in the moment. This was an awesome message that I took from the book. A big thank you to the author for opening my eyes and teaching me to live in the moment and that worrying won’t change the outcome of anything in life, but to live it fully so that you have the memories for later. Another message is to be thankful for everyday that you have with those that you love!

I never saw the turn the book took and was shocked, dismayed and saddened, but never once thought to stop reading. Away really blew me away. I know that this is a fictional story and I had to keep telling myself that when I was bawling my eyes out, and I also had to continually remind myself that the characters were not real, or anyone that I know. It just felt so real and that I was a part of it. What an amazing story! This has to be added to your TBR list and read soon, as it has become my favorite book so far this year. I hope to see a second story that continues with Cassie and her baby as well as Mel, Moose, Tricia, Bart and Dan. What an amazing story, it is also one of those that you are going to want to re-read just to make sure that you got it all. Enjoy and make sure that you have lots of tissues with you when you read it.

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Cassandra Pierce has a “perfectly” planned out life by her parents. They picked everything from her college courses to how she should live her life. But one night of of pure weakness and being tired of doing what her parents always say has her running away to her best friend Mel in Alamosa. Cassandra is not sure if it was the GPS or just pure fate that has gotten her lost and in an accident that leads her to meeting the charming country guy Jason Bradley. After a few days spent with him she can not help but to notice that she is drawn to him and him to her. But they are both hiding secrets..can they find a way to trust each other or will it cause them to be torn apart.

I am usually not a big fan of romance novels unless it involves paranormal……BUT this book had me riding an emotional roller coaster from the beginning to the end. Everybody has the urge from time to time to run away when they think they made the biggest mistake of their life, and wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. (At least I do) And what is better then running away only to land in the arms of a very hot country guy.

I would highly recommend this book because its like your living Cassandra’s life down to her hopes and dreams with her. It will make you laugh, scream at the book, and even cry (a lot). B.A. Wolfe did a fantastic job on this debut novel. I can absolutely not wait to read more. (So please, please hurry)

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