Ariel’s Cottage (A Price for Love) by Judith-Victoria Douglas (Reviewed by Derek – #NerdGirlDad and Tina – #NerdGirlMama)

Ariel's Cottage Cover

Title: Ariel’s Cottage (A Price for Love)

 Author: Judith-Victoria Douglas

 Published Date: July 23, 2013

 Genre: Romance, Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Fiction

 Rating: Shown with Reviewer

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This is the primary book for this story. If you’re interested in Large Print or the Kindle editions, look up A Price for Love. It’s the same story.

 A powerful suspense filled romance; what discovery doesn’t separate a broken promise could shatter.

Ariel was a victim at seventeen. She’s now an unsung hero hidden for her protection. No one knows where she is or her real identity except her advocate. But strange events begin to occur around her home. It affects her sense of invisibility. As a writer in her early twenties living in a country cottage, Ariel devises an experiment to boost her writing and ease her perilously low funds. It’s risky, but everything in Ariel’s life is risky. Ariel’s encounters bring back memories of how her ordeal began, as she learns to deal with the demons within. Her first real love is Jerry, the eighteen year old who cuts her grass. Stuck at seventeen emotionally Ariel experiences the pleasant side of her previous horrors, and begins to trust love again. A puppy leads trouble into her life, bringing Danny, a local deputy, to her door. Drawn to her he appoints himself guardian, soon learning there’s more to her than imagined. But Danny harbors regret. His hard lesson brings out his true strength when he learns of Ariel’s plight, her risky trysts and her love for another. He must let her go to keep her safe, allowing her to heal herself in her own way, always there to look out for her…always loving her.

***Contains Suggestive Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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***Derek, #NerdGirlDad’s Review***


 1 star1 star1 star1 star

For the first few chapters I found myself wondering ‘where is the author going with this?’ I then read the rest at one sitting of three hours.

The story and writing standard are well worth the five stars I would have given had (i) there been better editing as several avoidable mistakes should have been spotted by Judith’s editor (e.g. ‘bare’ when it should have been ‘bear’) and I personally felt that (ii) the story would have been better ended earlier. I challenge any reader to guess the conclusion but nevertheless recommend you all to read this book. Some readers (my own wife is one) have the habit of reading the last part of the last chapter first to see how it ends and decide if they want to read it. Don’t, or you will spoil your enjoyment of a very good yarn.

It has what I always look for in a romance – – a good story as well as girl meets boy etc.

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***Tina, #NerdGirlMama’s Review***


 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

 Ariel’s Cottage (A price for Love) is a must read, but be prepared to go through the emotional roller coaster that comes with this story.  I did not expect the story that I read when I first opened the book, even with reading the synopsis first. By the second page of chapter one you are drawn into Ariel’s world and you truly never want to put it down. The author has brought all the elements to this book and wrote them down for all to read, and it takes hold of you and with her educational background has given her the ability to bring the characters to life. This book has it all from horrible crimes, suspense, mystery-thriller, true love, young love, epic love, romance, secrets, betrayal, friendship, victims, hero’s, heartbreak, and solaces.

The horrific crimes against Ariel that took place was revealed a little at a time, with just enough to let you feel the pain and anguish at a well placed sections when required and even though you never know the entire details of the crime, you will understand what happened. The other crimes leave you wondering why, but it does not take away from the story at all. The love stories between Ariel/Jerry/Daniel are told with finesse and a deep understanding of human emotions and maturity levels. You will laugh, cry, and you will be heartbroken and feel solace at the same time.

You should not pass this book up as you will be missing out on great novel. I find it hard to write without giving a spoiler, but the synopsis does enough of that for you. I give Judith-Victoria Douglas 5 stars and more if I could as this story even though it is fiction you are left feeling like you read a book of someone’s life.

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