Senseless Attraction by Lila Rose (ARC Reviewed by Melanie)

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Title: Senseless Attraction

    Author: Lila Rose

    Published Date: March  10, 2014

    Genre:  YA


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*YA novel*

For 15yrs and above.

Three parts. Two points of views.

Never one to care what others think, seventeen-year-old, Mt. Henry High School student, Skylar James, is content with it that way. That is until she’s assigned her history partner, rich-boy Kane.

Being invisible at Rushton High School, is just how seventeen-year old Alexandra Harmony likes it. That is until she’s asked to tutor bad-boy Tristan.

What does it take to make opposite yet parallel lives collide

Senseless Attraction.

paragraph divider 18***Melanie, #NerdGirlVamp’s Review***

Hmmmmmm don’t let the three stars fool you, this is a good book. I liked it, I just didn’t really “feel” it although I am sure there are many readers out there who will feel differently.

For me the 2 different point of views, whilst written in an interesting way, didn’t really work for me. I don’t know if I needed maybe alternating chapters so that I could feel the 2 stories come together for me or what it was but something just didn’t click. Maybe it needed to be longer? The ending especially felt a little rushed.

The characters were well written and showed a nice diverse cross section of high school life but sadly it was not enough for me. Overall it was a quick YA read which I expect many people will fall in love with …. I was just not one of them.


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