Illicit by BeBe Lennox (Reviewed by Melanie and Stephenee)

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Title: Illicit

 Author: BeBe Lennox

 Published Date: November 23, 2013

 Genre: Romance / Erotica


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A wrong number. A stranger’s text. A sexy voice. A clandestine encounter. A first meeting. Passion, excitement, but love?

Can two people who meet under the strangest of circumstances find love with one another? Can that love survive the toughest conditions, or are they just destined to be the person on the other end of a wrong number?

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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***Melanie, #NerdGirlVamp’s Review***

Hmm where to start. From the synopsis I thought I had a pretty good idea how this story was going to go and I was OK with that. I figured it would be a quick, light, read and would go one of three ways, I would love it, I would hate it, or it was just be kind of in the middle.

 Well I was wrong. This book started out with a cute premise that for me quickly deteriorated as the story unfolded with some parts being so unrealistic I could feel the star rating dropping as I read to where by about halfway through I was set to give it a 3 star rating and comment that whilst the potential was there it just didn’t work for me but as a reviewer I always try to read to the end and in this case I was both glad, and irritated (at the same time) that I had.

 The second half of the book was nothing I was expecting from the description given. Without spoilers I will suggest that anyone reading has Kleenex on hand. The story deepens and takes some unexpected turns, and this part was really well written. It was heartfelt and touching and kept me totally connected. If the first half had been written even half as well it probably would have edged up to 5 stars.

 I will say though that I don’t really like this style of book (not the Erotica but the direction the book ended up going into). I would definitely recommend that the author add a secondary category of Contemporary Romance to it. I almost felt like taking away the 4th star just because I would definitely have avoided picking up the review had I any idea what was going to happen because whilst there are a huge number of readers out there that would adore it …… I would have passed.

 Overall this was a great debut novella from a new author. Would I read her again? I think I would need some clarification before picking it up. For those that love a good contemporary romance with a dash of steam this one would be for you.


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***Stephenee, #NerdGirlSteph’s Review***

I have to start by saying that I appreciated the disclaimer by the author in the beginning of the book that let’s you know that some parts of the book are in “texting” format and that is why there are “typos” and “text talk”. I felt like this would have detracted from the book if the reader was not made aware ahead of time. With that being said, let’s jump right in.

The beginning of this book and the ending of this book were almost like two different books. I really enjoyed both aspects of the book, even when I wasn’t sure how plausible the scenarios were. I am not sure that random strangers would ever become a couple based on a wrong number but as the book went on, I realized that it was working for the story.

I like the way the author just jumped right into the story and while there were a few jumps in the plot, it all ended up flowing together in the end. I think that the author could have made the beginning slightly more geared towards the development of the characters and their back story so that it wasn’t all crowded into the end of the book; however, once you finished reading the book you almost forgot about those things. The story contains the usual love, sex (everywhere), drama, and angst but it also contains true emotions and life altering events that can be found in everyday life. I found myself loving the characters and at times hating them and screaming at them to figure out what they are thinking. The author throws in such a twist that you alternate yelling at her and yelling at the characters while wondering where they are going to go next! I loved the way that the author was able to show all of this all in a novella! I felt like I was really a part of the roller coaster that was going on throughout their lives.

All in all this book was a good one and I would love to read another book by this author, as I did enjoy the details, the writing style, and the eventual character development. The author really worked a lot into the book and it packed a punch that the reader will remember for many books to come. Pick this one up when you have time to read the whole thing and I would recommend having a few tissues nearby, you may need them…

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