The Divorced Not Dead Workshop by CeCe Osgood (Reveiwed by Julie)

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Title: The Divorced Not Dead Workshop

   Author: CeCe Osgood

   Published Date: November 30, 2013

   Genre:  Romantic Coomedy


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Dorsey has been divorced five years and recently dumped by her boyfriend. After an untimely layoff, she comes up with an idea for a dating workshop for divorced people. With the encouragement and assistance of her best friends, Pilar and Mimi, a trial run of the workshop is set up for the same weekend as the cruise/wedding of Dorsey’s stepfather.

Complications arise with a startling mishap, rebellious attendees and a fraud accusation, the arrival of Audrey’s good-looking but wily nephew Finn, and the reappearance of Dorsey’s ex-boyfriend. Struggling through the turmoil, Dorsey must face her biggest challenge if she’s to win the love, and life, she’s always desired.

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The Divorced Not Dead Workshop grabbed me with its catchy title, and it is as fun and quirky a read as the title implies.

This fast paced romantic comedy is a page turner. The characters are fun and flawed. The mishaps and misunderstandings provide classic comedy points found in zany comedies. The melange of misfits who attend the workshop aboard the cruise ship, Lyric, work together to better themselves for the dating scene. Along the way they make new friends and find pleasure in starting conversations rather than just throwing out pick up lines. Their self-discoveries are all unique and surface at different points in the story. Although the epiphanies and relationships are not an unexpected result of the workshop, they don’t feel cliche.

Meanwhile, Dorsey’s complex family is also on board for a wedding where nothing seems to go right. The addition of the family drama was delightful. The dysfunction family provide negative drama as well as hope for finding a loving relationship. Audrey’s and Ralph’s late-in-life romance is adoring and respectful which is just the sort of relationship the attendees, and the coordinators, of the workshop long for.

I highly recommend this fun-filled page turner.

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