Little Duke and the Rat Princess by Judith Victoria Douglas (Reviewed by Amber)

Little Duke and the Rat Princess cover

Title: Little Duke and the Rat Princess

    Author: Judith Victoria Douglas

    Published Date: August 26, 2013

    Genre:  Children middle aged and up


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Little Duke Richard often told the Queen Mum, his great aunt, far-fetched tales from his imagination when at play. Her indulgence ended the day his real adventures began. He and Princess Abby explored the ruins of an ancient citadel discovering something out of time and magical. Richey tried to explain to his queen why the princess couldn’t return home for twenty-four hours, but he was in big trouble. He realized she didn’t believe him. His only redemption was to return her precious Princes Abigail and an heirloom recovered from the past the Queen Mum thought lost forever. Their big mystery was only just begun.

Quote from book:

Abby vanished with the sound of a soft pop. Richey gasped. “What have you done? Where is she? What have you done with Abby?”

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This is a very sweet little story about Duke Richey and Princess Abigail and their adventure with the rat princess Ivy. I found the story very sweet and intriguing for a children’s story.

The writer portrayed a very clear and detailed picture of what was going on. The adventure itself was very unique and well written. I also LOVE the moral it teaches young kids. It teaches you the whole boy who cried wolf scenario.

I would recommend this book to any and all children. I believe they will love it as did I.

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