Eena by Alison Clarke (Reviewed by Julie)

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Title: Eena

    Author: Alison Clarke

    Published Date: January 02, 2014

    Genre:  Science Fiction


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Eena is a teenaged automaton who is secretly a knowledge keeper charged with documenting the truth behind the computer virus that was the demise of most of the human population. She finds that she must do physical battle in order to accomplish this goal, and in doing so finds her soul mate.

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Eena by Alison Clarke is a debut foray into storytelling for the young adult audience. This science fiction short story is likely to light up the imaginations of many teen readers.

I appreciated the literary references, and the very vivid descriptions created clear pictures in my mind while I read. There is a lot going on in the short story, and I have to admit that at times I found it hard to follow. Short stories can be difficult to write given the limitations on character and plot development, and a few segues would have been helpful in piecing together all the details that are presented in the book. This short could easily be developed into a rich full-length novel.

Although I don’t normally choose to read post-apocalyptic science fiction, the wild ride through this short story is sure to entice young adult readers.

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