Truth or Dare by A.J. Bennett (ARC Reviewed by Julie)

Truth or Dare Cover

Title: Truth or Dare

    Author: A.J. Bennett

    Published Date: February 2014

    Genre:  Romance


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Luna avoids her hurts and problems by acting the part of good-time girl and sleeping with a different guy each night. A year after her heart was broken, she meets Hunter. His opening line, “There you are”, represents the worst pick up line ever to Luna. For him, it’s the proclamation that he has found the other half of his soul. Another chance encounter brings them together and the ice imprisoning Luna’s heart begins to melt.

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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A fast, fun read that any fan of the romance genre will enjoy. It is the perfect book for an afternoon at the beach or by the pool.

While I enjoyed the story, I was left wanting more. I wanted more character development–some detailed back story would have helped me like the characters more. I wanted a little more relationship development between the main character, Luna, and her family and friends. I will never be a fan of the love-at-first-sight aspect of most romance stories, but I have come to expect/accept them as normal for the genre.

In the end, I was left wanting more story. The end, while not a cliff hanger, did leave room for a sequel in which the antagonist makes a return and Hunter’s and Luna’s relationship is developed further. If published, I would definitely read a sequel to Truth or Dare.

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