Yesterday”s Memories by Sharon Coady (Reviewed by Julie)

Yesterdays Memories

Title: Yesterday’s Memories

    Author: Sharon Coady

    Published Date: May 2013

    Genre: Science Fiction


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One year after her fiancé’s death Emily finds herself driving outside of a small mountain town. She never expected to find her destiny as she rounded the bend in the road. There sitting on a small hill was a beautiful old home that appeared empty. Something compelled her to pull into the drive. As she parked her car and climbed out Emily felt she had finally come home.

Emily is thrown into a world she never knew existed when she moves into the home and stumbles upon a “window” in time.

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This is a sweet, homey story of destiny and trusting in the path set for you. It’s about finding a window through which you’ll find your soul mate. It is very descriptive, and although the reader will have a vivid picture of the scenes, I found the level of detail slowed the story too much for my taste. The author provided just enough back-story, and combined with the ample dialog, the reader gets to know the characters well.

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