Torn by Christine Hughes (Reviewed by Julie and Shelby)

Torn Cover

Title: Torn

  Author: Christine Hughes

  Published Date: August 8, 2013

  Genre: Paranormal / YA / Thriller

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TORN With the sudden, mysterious death of her father, Samantha discovers her life isn’t what it seems. Not only isn’t she the normal teenage girl she thought she was, Sam must now take her father’s place in the fight between two groups of fallen angels, the Faithful and the Exiled, in a race to save humanity. In addition to dealing with a devastating betrayal—and having feelings for someone she’s forbidden to love—Sam must also fight the growing darkness within her as she struggles to make a choice between fighting alongside the Faithful or succumbing to the temptation of the Exiled. Both sides require sacrifices Sam isn’t sure she can make.

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 ***Julie, #NerdGirlJulie’s Review***

I was anticipating a book that mirrored another YA paranormal series, and I was pleasantly surprised by the originality of this book. It is a fast paced paranormal thriller that is geared to a young-adult market.

Hughes does an excellent job with her character development. The characters were developed enough so that the protagonists could remain good while showing some of their less desirable attributes. After all, no one is completely good or completely evil.

I have not read a book about angels before, and I enjoyed the balancing act Samantha performed. The plot was well developed, but there weren’t many surprises. It is a classic good versus evil story with the usual inner-circle betrayal thrown in.

I look forward to the rest of the books in this series!

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 ***Shelby, #NerdGirlShelby’s Review***

** 3.5 Stars **

I am very Torn over this novel. Pun intended. I rarely read a book where I can’t decide how I feel about it when I’m finished but I’m definitely there with this one.

I really liked the beginning of this book. the prologue definitely hooks you. You are following James English as he tries to save an item that is imperative to keeping hope alive among the human race. He has been betrayed by someone he trusted and i was literally on the edge of my seat reading as fast as I could to find out whether he makes it. I won’t say whether he does or not!

After the great prologue I was fully prepared to love this book but then the story moves on to James’ daughter Samantha. Once again, her first chapter is great. She is training with Ethan and we find out that she’s harboring a secret crush on him, and why wouldn’t she? Ethan is amazing! But then the story kind of slows down and gets confusing. The timeline jumps around a little bit and I think the story would have benefited more if it had just stuck to some sort of chronological order. Sam’s character is a bit all over the place. She wants Ethan but can’t have Ethan. She’s angry at Ethan and at the same time not angry at Ethan. She is afraid of turning dark but at the same time she’s sure she’ll follow the path of the light. And truth be told, I had a hard time following her violent temper tantrums.

With that being said, there were some things that I really liked about torn too. The characters, with the exception of Samantha, were very likeable and well written. The suspense and mystery that the author built up around the betrayer was unreal. At one point I really thought I knew who it was. I even wrote it down. I was totally wrong. And the ending was pretty fantastic!

I feel like I need to point out that while I still can’t decide how I felt about the book as a whole, I did find it to be extremely intriguing. While I didn’t love it, I did find myself wanting to read on and find out what was going to happen next.

In the end I decided to give this book 3.5 out of 5 stars. The storyline is good, the characters are interesting, and I do want to read the next book to find out how it all progresses.

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