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Title: Adam’s Fall (Touch of Tantra #2)

Author: Liv Morris

Genre: Erotic Romance 18+

Publication Date: February 25, 2014

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“Kathryn’s mesmerized me with some kind of tantric magic. I’m bewitched without an ounce of fight left within me. She knows my dilemma, my hesitancy to surrender and loosen the grip I have on my past, and she’s won.” An excerpt from Adam’s Apple (Touch of Tantra #1) An erotic bestseller.

Adam and Kathryn’s tantric love story continues once again told in his point of view…

When roguish playboy Adam Kingsley meets the stunning Tantra instructor Kathryn Delcour, he falls hard, becoming captivated by her strength and beauty. An intense sexual chemistry sizzles between them from their first shared glance to the soul cleansing Tantra session they experience together.

While Adam recovers from injuries after saving Kathryn’s life, she instructs him in the sensual practice of Tantra. He becomes her willing student as their tantric lovemaking brings Adam to sexual highs he never dreamed were possible.

But Adam’s life takes an unexpected turn when newly exposed secrets surrounding his birth father force him to make a seemingly impossible choice. Avenge those he loves and let everything he holds dear crumble around him, or allow the guilty to go free. With Kathryn by his side, Adam faces the fight of his life.

Adam’s Fall is the concluding book in the Touch of Tantra series.

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Nerd Girl Patricia’s Review


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Adam’s Fall is the conclusion to the Touch of Tantra series. Adam Kingsley, billionaire playboy with a reputation for bedding (in the back of his car) a different woman every night has fallen for Kathryn Delcour. And when I say he’s fallen, I mean he’s head over heels can’t say the right thing doesn’t know what hit him fallen.

Adam stepped in front of a bullet for Kathryn and was injured by his psycho ex-partner Simon.

Adam’s Fall chronicles the journey from Adam thinking he might love Kathryn to knowing he’s completely in love with her. Along the way, there’s a lot of tantric sex, some non-tantric sex, some mystery and intrigue, and a shadowy figure in both Kathryn and Adam’s life, his father Xavier Thorpe.

I did really enjoy this book. I love Adam and Kathryn as characters, however, I did feel that the book could have been just a little better. Don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely a 4 star book. But though the mystery is secondary to the love story, I felt as if the mystery wasn’t just in the backseat. It was in the trunk. What was there of it was done quite well, but another few chapters to draw out the intrigue could have gone a long way.

That said, the sex is hot. Adam is suitably vulnerable, which is a welcome change from how he started the series. Kathryn has a few instances of weakness (uncharacteristic weakness), but is otherwise a perfect foil for Adam.

I loved Eddie and Ollie. I really wanted more of both of them, especially Ollie. In fact, I wish the series wasn’t over. There’s a wonderful epilogue included, but in my perfect world, there would have been a Touch of Tantra 2.5 to wrap everything up. The last few chapters finally introduce us more to Ollie, which I very much loved, but I wanted even more of him throughout the entire book. He’s there, in the background, but he’s got such an interesting subplot that we see through Kathryn’s eyes that I wish we knew him more. I still wish there was more to the interaction with Thorpe, but what is there works.

Still though, a solid book with wonderful characters and a lot of tantric sex. You should read it.

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Nerd Girl Patricia’s Review


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Nerd Girl Patricia’s Review


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Author Liv MorrisAbout the Author

Liv Morris resides in Manhattan with her first and hopefully last husband. She received a degree in communication from the University of Maryland. Liv has published five short stories in the Love in the City series. Her debut novel, Adam’s Apple, was published in July 2013.

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