Incredible Dreams by S. E. Felida (Reviewed by Julie)

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Title: Incredible Dreams

    Author: S. E. Felida

    Published Date: August 08, 2013

    Genre:  Romance / Suspense


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Leona, while shopping with her girlfriends, meets the man of her dreams…literally. Leona mysteriously meets, Nathaniel, who has haunted several of her dreams. As their relationship develops and they get to know one another’s friends, strange and dangerous encounters plague Leona, but thankfully Nathaniel is on hand to rescue her.

Leona’s parents’ reunion is not a happy event for her and when she visits her mother in the hospital, her father is present as well as one of his friends from the past. The dark and dangerous mystery man sets off bad memories in Leona.

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Incredible Dreams is the first book in a series, and it has a lot going on! There are about four story lines to follow, and I’m looking forward to reading the next part of the series to see how these story lines are woven together.

The book is a good teaser with a big cliff hanger that hooks the reader. The author’s descriptive writing style helps with the character development as does the detailed character interactions. The stories of Leona’s past, Naomi’s mysterious behavior, Nathaniel’s police work as well as their family and friendships are kept balanced. It’s an interesting story of how relationships, both past and present, impact your life.

A good book for a vacation–a light, easy read with some dark twists.

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