Acts of Desperation by Emerson Shaw – Book Blitz plus Giveaway (Review by Tina)

Title: Acts of Desperation
Author: Emerson Shaw
 Release Date: January 14, 2014


“Acts of Desperation has a great deal to offer readers of all kinds. It is a flawless blend of romance and revenge. A great love story, perfectly balanced with romance and intimacy.(with a few WOW moments you won’t soon forget!)” ~ Amazon reviewer, 5 stars
“Action packed from start to finish! Amazing debut novel and can’t wait for more from Ms. Shaw!” ~ Amazon reviewer, 5 stars
“This energetic story has you riding the roller-coaster of your life with its twists and turns of love, deception, thrill, and redemption! “Acts of Desperation” has ‘movie-in-the making’ written all over it!” ~ Amazon reviewer, 5 stars
“This fast paced story had me on an emotional roller coaster full of peaks, valleys that had me glued to my screen. I love a story that has me laughing, crying and wanting more all at the same time. Make this debut by Emerson Shaw a must read on your list. I couldn’t put it down and I’m sure you won’t be able to, either! “ ~ Amazon reviewer, 5 stars



**This highly anticipated debut novel was inspired by actual events.**

Sember is a strong-willed attorney who’s got it all: the budding career, the condo, and a marriage proposal right around the corner.
When her sister, Sarah, needs a new attorney, Sember is torn. She wants to help Sarah, but she is terrified her emotions could compromise the case. With so much at stake, failure isn’t an option.
In walks Jax Alexander, a brilliant legal mind from New York who excites Sember’s body and mind. When he offers to take on Sarah’s case, he provides hope in a hopeless situation. Sember and Jax are thrust together as their passion ignites.
As a web of lies is exposed, Jax works tirelessly to reveal the truth behind Sarah’s case. But, he has a dark secret shadowing his past that threatens to destroy everything.
In the midst of so many lies, can Jax really be trusted? His secret could put Sarah’s case in jeopardy and could cost Sember her life. Will he risk it all to save them, or will he cut and run, leaving destruction in his wake?

Sometimes, desperate acts call for desperate measures.


Reviewed by Nerd Girl Tina

   1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***


I want to start by saying that Act of Desperation as a debut novel Emerson Shaw writes so fluently and with such conviction, and she writes as if she is an old pro at this.  The way the words flow and draw you into the story is amazing and she wrote this story in a way that she is painting the picture and you are right there ready to jump in and help the main characters Sember and Sarah if they only asked.  I know that this story is based on true events (Sarah’s story), but to add in Sember’s Love story amongst other things, and to have the entire story told from Sember’s perspective was brilliant and well done.

I do not like spoilers so I will try to give you everything I can without giving anything away.  This book has it all from drama, suspense, love, friendship, sister bonds, sadness, disappointments, suspense, erotic sexual passion (but not over bearing), crimes both physical and mental, secrets, and so much more.  You will feel many things as you read this book from love, happy, sad, angry, compassion, angst, frustration, scared and frightened, and a few OMG moments.

Emerson Shaw style of writing was spot on in this action packed fast pace suspenseful romance thriller that flowed seamlessly and even though there is so much packed into this book it does not feel rushed at all.  She gives life to all the characters from the Main characters Sember the up and coming attorney who seems to have it all together, to Sarah a teacher who is going through a nasty divorce.  The supporting characters Sember’s ex John who is in advertising and new boyfriend Jax the hot shot attorney from New York (and a HOTTIE), to Sarah’s trying to be ex-husband Asher and his manipulative and sneaky ways and his arrogant personality.  Then she even gives you the supporting characters with detail that you get to know all of them from Sember’s BFF Liz, their parents, Fritz, Sarahs boys, to the Italian couple about to lose their life’s passion their restaurant to bankruptcy.  It all flow so well it is a master piece and a must read.

As with most books after reading a couple of chapters, I tell my husband summaries of what is happening.  This book was no different except my grandson was listening, so naturally I left out the juicy sex scene and a few other things.  By the middle of the book my grandson who is 10 would ask what has happened next and so on until we reach the end of the book.  After explaining the ending my grandson asked if I read this on my kindle and I said yes, he then asked if he could read the book.  I told him that he could not because it had Adult situations and sex in it, his response was ok but don’t delete it in 6 years I want to read it.  My reaction was to laugh and then told him ok you got a deal, but maybe when you’re 18 and you still want to read it then you can.

Act of Desperation is a 5 star book and a MUST read, add to your TBR list and click that button to buy the book, you will not be sorry.

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Emerson Shaw was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She released her debut novel, Acts of Desperation, in January of 2014. It is a fast paced romantic thriller that was inspired by actual events. Read the inspiration behind her story at

When she is not writing, she focuses her time on being a good mother and wife. She is excited to be opening this new chapter of her life.

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