Deep Blue Impact Book 1 by Amie Nichols (Reviewed by Patricia)

Deep Blue Impact 1 cover

Title: Deep Blue Impact, Book 1

    Author: Amie Nichols

    Published Date: January 1, 2014

    Genre:  Erotica


    1 star1 star

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Deep Blue Impact is 1 of 3 Novella’s in the Deep Blue Series, they should be read in order.

Book 1

Aubrey Jackson ran, and ran far after a horrible tragedy that happened in Texas as a teenager. Moving to London to attend school she returns to the states after her father dies. Taking over his company, she’s committed to succeeding. She isn’t interested in a relationship, wanting to settle into her new life before even dating.

But Ian Brady saw her, and he had to have her. Unable to control the chemistry between them, Aubrey gives in to the one thing she swore not to do.

Their chemistry keeps them coming back to each other, and Ian is on cloud nine.

When Aubrey’s past is thrown at them in the most unexpected way. Aubrey shuts down, and Ian is afraid he will lose her. And that is simply not an option.

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Patricia, #NerdGirlPatricia’s Review***

Hot steamy sex, men with hard bodies and alpha male tendencies, and smart women are three components that practically guarantee that I’ll pick up a book. Deep Blue Impact has all three of them.

Aubrey inherits a sizable fortune from a father she never really knew. In addition to the money, she also inherited 51% of his business. She’s young, but she’s a business major with a decent head on her shoulders so she doesn’t do what everyone expected. She doesn’t sell off the controlling interest in the company. Instead, she takes her place on the company’s Board of Directors and kicks some ass.

Aubrey has two close friends that while not main characters in the book, are sprinkled in enough that you get a good sense of their relationships. She’s a good judge of character and makes decision quickly. She’s not a “wishy washy help me hold me take care of me” woman.

While preparing to kick some ass in the boardroom, Aubrey meets Ian. He’s strong, handsome, sexy, and intense. The chemistry between the two of them is instantaneous. Aubrey wants him. Ian wants her. When their paths intertwine in the boardroom, things start to get interesting.

Here’s a non-spoiler. Ian and Aubrey have sex. This was one of the few times I wanted to slap Aubrey upside the head. You just had sex with someone you’re doing business with and you’re the not-so-well-respected-yet head of the company. Not smart, Aubrey. But that said, the chemistry between the two couldn’t be denied. From there, things get a little complicated. I can’t really get much more into the plot without spoiling it, but there’s a lot more sex before we get to some intrigue.

Now let’s get to the review. Here I sigh. Because despite the strong characters, hot sex, hard bodied alpha men, and smart women, I couldn’t give this book more than 2-2.5 stars. Let’s examine why by breaking the story into its components and rating each one individually.

Characters – 4 stars. I really liked Aubrey and Ian. There might be some jumping straight into bed without thinking that goes on, but they’re both adults and adults should be able to do that. Even though I know it’s not overly common or very realistic, I actually *do* believe in love at first sight. Maybe such an instantaneous love lasts, maybe it doesn’t, but I do believe it exists. I enjoyed the development of the characters and how we learned more about them.

Plot – 3 stars. It’s a decent plot. Not a keep me up at night plot, but then again, with an erotica book, the plot is often there to further the sex. (And there’s nothing wrong with that…sometimes you just want to read steamy sex with a bit of plot thrown in) There’s some intrigue, some vague threats, and some danger. And then there’s that secret that’s hanging over Aubrey’s head. This is where the plot starts to fall apart for me just a bit. We don’t learn what the secret is, but her reactions, particularly where the secret and Ian interact, don’t always ring true to me.

Writing – 2 stars. And here’s where the book falls apart for me. This book needs a major edit (or re-edit as the case may be). There were so many missing or misplaced commas, awkwardly written sentences, and word choice mistakes (like your/you’re) that I found myself terribly distracted. With a competent editor, this could easily be a 4 star book. Sure, there are a few minor plot issues, but nothing so overwhelming that I would have gone below 4 stars. Unfortunately, I just can’t forgive such egregious errors.

If the book is re-released in the future with a substantive edit, I will happily re-read it. I think it has great promise. I think the story as a whole (the three-book-series) has great potential. But it just isn’t quite ready for prime time yet.

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