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Title: An Exceptional Twist (Intertwined Hearts #2)
Author: Kimi Flores
Hosted By: The Book Avenue


What’s a girl to do when the one person she’s been forewarned about is the only one that her heart desires?
Leah Valdez is a sassy, intelligent, hard-working woman whose beauty shines from both inside and out. Friends and family have always come first, but it’s time for her to start thinking about her own future.
Stefen Hunter is a rich, charming, sexy playboy. With seemingly no effort on his part, countless women flock to him. That is, until he meets Leah. He can’t understand why it’s so difficult to win her over or what it is about her that intrigues him so much.
When an unfortunate event intertwines their lives, Leah finds herself in a war between her thoughts and desires. To forgive, and ultimately trust, Stefen, she will have to put her heart on the line. After what he’s put her through, she’s not sure she’s willing to do that.
As compassion meets resistance, will Stefen be able to step out of his comfort zone and accept that he can become the redeemed man worthy of Leah’s love? Is Stefen and Leah’s connection strong enough to withstand An Exceptional Twist?




EXCERPT –“I’ll take anything you’re willing to give me, Leah.” He winked.Leah’s tanned face turned crimson, partly from annoyance at his boldness, but mainly from the heat that coursed through her.

Give him? What did he expect me to give him?

She panted a little, hating that he noticed.

Smirking, he looked toward her family members.  “Who’s the woman standing by your sister? Relative of yours?”

Leah glanced over to see her cousin pointing at her and checking Stefen out. “Oh yeah, that’s my cousin.”  Leah’s female family members were constantly trying to embarrass her.  Then again, she had no right to complain because she did the same to them.

A broad grin broke out on his face before drawing her body even closer.  “So she’s trying to figure out who the hot guy is that looks like he wants to ravage her little cousin, huh?”

Hot?  Did he just call himself hot?  And ravage me?  What. The. Hell?

If she hadn’t shown her uneasiness before, she wasn’t able to conceal it now.  And there was that damn smirk again.  He knew he was getting to her.

“Why don’t we give them something more to talk about?” His lips were suddenly an inch from hers as he dipped her backward.

“Wh—what?” she stammered breathlessly, her heart pounding in her throat.

“Relax…I’m kidding, Leah. You’re easy to mess with. I’m going to have fun with you.” He waggled his eyebrows as he lifted her onto her quivering legs.

She tried to gain some control. Smiling, she shot back, “Mr. Hunter, you sure are a tease, aren’t you? I’m going to have to keep my distance.” Then she turned in an attempt to walk away.

But Stefen caught her hand, possessively wrapping his arms around her lower back as he growled, “Oh, no you don’t. I’ve been told that I’m irresistible, and I don’t tease. You’re welcome to any part of me that you can handle.”

Kimi grew up in the San Gabriel Valley (mostly Alhambra) and still lives in Southern California. She’s been married to her high-school sweetheart and prom date for 21 years and they have two hilarious boys.
When she’s not reading or writing, Kimi spends her time in the kitchen trying to come up with vegan meals that don’t taste like cardboard. Her family might disagree with this however.
Although she doesn’t loyally follow or have favorite teams/athletes, Kimi loves a good hockey game or motorcross/x-treme sports event.
Volunteering is extremely important to her and she and her family work with several local non-profit organizations. A portion of her sales will always go to charity.
She’s planning on publishing the last two books in this series by the end of the year. Book 3, Grafted Vines, is Dani & Zachary’s story and book 4, Tangled Paths, is Bri & Josh’s journey. And because every character has a story to tell, there’s a possibility of a novella about Stefen and Bri’s mother’s life. There’s a reason she acts the way she does and she may bug Kimi enough to have it written out.


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