Accidents a Legal Misadventure by Phillip Rohlin (Reviewed by Melanie)

Accidents a Legal Misadventures cover

Title: Accidents a Legal Misadventure

    Author: Phillip Rohlin

    Published Date: January 2014

    Genre:  Legal Thriller


    1 star

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This is a story about borderline attorneys, their employees and associates, all yearning for a different life and devising madcap schemes that embroil them in seriously troubling entanglements. . One of them has withdrawn from the stresses of the profession and is trying to live a life of quiet contemplation and self-discovery in isolation at the beach, but he is constantly drawn back into the chaos engendered by his friends. His life- changing discoveries have taken him on a journey into the martial arts and to an unforgettable friendship with the great writer Henry Miller. His friends turn to him to help them untangle hopeless complications resulting from their misadventures. One of leading characters commits a heinous murder that upsets the delicate balance of trust and interdependence that holds their world together. It changes the street dynamic and causes their lives to be engulfed in increasingly disruptive turmoil. A love story is interwoven throughout between the attorney protagonist and a lovely woman. She ridicules his self-involvement and world view, and wants him to relate to her in ways he finds spurious and unrealizable. Their fluctuating relationship resonates throughout the bizarre events elaborated in the story.

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

paragraph divider 18***Melanie, #NerdGirlVamp’s Review***

Holy Crap!! Literally. I will get to that shortly.

When I read the synopsis I mistakenly thought that this was going to be some sort of legal based / mystery / thriller / Murder cover up but I couldn’t have been more wrong. To be honest I feel that the synopsis is completely misleading, for example that “heinous murder” subplot, takes up in total, about 5 pages of story.

When I get a book like this for review I stick to the end because I am always hoping that there will be at least a few positives that I can leave as feedback for the author but I hate to say that in this case I just cant.

The writing style is stilted and confusing. POV’s change within the same chapter, with no warning, leaving the reader having to decipher who is actually narrating at that time. Tenses are changed (a real pet peeve of mine) and the characters are a miss match bunch that all seem to have really weird perversions. One becomes totally obsessed with his bowel movements to the extent he turns it into a religion, another who has a fetish for speakers and finding the perfect way to arrange them to listen to old records, and a third is constantly telling us about his ridiculously large penis that is referred to throughout the book as his “klaina” which apparently means child.

The love story mentioned is not really a love story at all and is really just filler, with no purpose out outcome, in between a bunch of obscenity much of the time.

To be frank I have no idea what the author was even going for with this book. If he is looking for some kind of shock value he needs to look for a different audience and update the synopsis. I could not, in good faith, recommend this book to anybody at all. I cannot think of a single audience it would appeal to under any circumstances.


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  • That is quite a story! Thanks for the review #NerdGirlVamp… I cannot imagine that I would have been able to finish this. You are better than I!

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