Timbuctoo by Tahir shah (Reviewed by Cianna)

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Title: Timbuctoo

    Author: Tahir Shah

    Published Date: July 4, 2012

    Genre:  Historical Fiction, Romance


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For centuries, the greatest explorers of their age were dispatched from the power-houses of Europe London, Paris and Berlin on a quest unlike any other: To be the first white Christian to visit, and then to sack, the fabled metropolis of Timbuctoo.

Most of them never returned alive.

At the height of the Timbuctoo mania, two hundred years ago, it was widely believed that the elusive Saharan city was fashioned in entirety from the purest gold everything from the buildings to the cobble-stones, from the buckets to the bedsteads was said to be made from it.

One winter night in 1815, a young illiterate American seaman named Robert Adams was discovered half-naked and starving on the snow-bound streets of London. His skin seared from years in the African desert, he claimed to have been a guest of the King of Timbuctoo.

Thought of an American claiming anything let alone the greatest prize in exploration was abhorrent in the extreme. Closing ranks against their unwelcome American guest, the British Establishment lampooned his tale, and began a campaign of discrediting him, one that continues even today.

An astonishing tale based on true-life endurance, Tahir Shah s epic novel Timbuctoo brilliantly recreates the obsessions of the time, as a backdrop for one of the greatest love stories ever told.

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Grade: A (Five Stars)

I really enjoyed this book. I thought it was a really lovely change from the previous book I read by the author. He did an outstanding job of combining historical detail with fiction and weaving them both together. I just loved it. I think his talent for non-fiction really helped him in this book because despite it’s impressive size, this book has something for everyone, and is such a great read, you’d never want to put it down.

The romance is beautiful, it’s endearing, and it’s special. Robert Adams, the main character and true person from history, is just trying to get home to his new bride, even when it seems he may not be able. He continues loving her, and hoping. It’s lovely, and touching.

The action of this book is also impressive, here’s an illiterate American solider, shipwrecked off African cost, sold into slavery, and alone. This alone is the plot for a compelling action movie, that would sell out at the box office, I’m sure, but it was lost to history. Thank goodness for Tahir Shah and finding the manuscript in his travels. This story is outstanding. Yes, the book is 500+ pages, but if you are lucky enough to get one of the hardback versions, it’s filled with beautiful maps, and such detail. This book tells a true story of survival, fans of Cast Away and similar movies, would love this book. There’s no much heart in this story, and faith and courage. His adventures and all he saw will take your breath away. I was thoroughly engrossed in the story, and recommend it highly to lovers of historical fiction, history in general, and action tales. Well done!

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