Don’t Steel from the Devil by Sergio Pereira – (Reviewed by Patricia)

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Title: Don’t Steel from the Devil

    Author: Sergio Pereira

    Published Date: October 30, 2013

    Genre:  Horror


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In the middle of the night, two intruders enter the home of a broken family. Awaiting them is a violent, demonic entity that is hell-bent on dishing out a harsh lesson about vengeance, treachery, immorality, and survival…

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Violence, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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Don’t Steal from the Devil is a thrilling short story ride through evil. It’s a quick, short read that will keep you engaged from the start. Jess and Peter live with their mother. She’s…ill, though the exact nature of her illness is only vaguely spoken of. But I’d guess depression, stress, and some general mental instability. After she’s sedated by a doctor who came for a house call, the kids (who are in their very late teens/early twenties) go to bed. A few hours later, Jess, the daughter, thinks someone’s in the house and wakes Peter. Peter investigates, finds no one, and returns to his bedroom where Jess is waiting. Once he steps back through the door, he realizes that the intruders are behind him and from there the thrill ride starts.

 So why did I only rate it three stars? Well, I struggled with the final star rating. Let’s play a little game of back and forth, shall we?

 Pro: The social commentary woven through the story is very well done and varied. Laws, the efficacy of the police, religion, right and wrong, morality…there’s a lot packed in to these 30-some-odd pages.

 Con: The dialog feels very stilted. There are hardly any contractions in the entire story, despite that fact that two of the main characters are in their late teens/early twenties in the modern world (there’s a flat screen TV mentioned at one point, so we’re close to present day).

 Pro: The violence, and there’s a good bit of it, is well written. It’s not so gruesome that you’ll want to put the book down unless you’re super sensitive to such things, and it’s described very well. You can really see everything going on.

 Con: The mother figure in the book is consistently referred to as “the mother”. I found that a bit distracting. I’d much rather have seen her name used. It felt a bit awkward.

Pro: The ending. I won’t spoil it for you, but I loved Peter’s reaction.

 Con: The ending. I wanted just a little bit more. The kids (Jess and Peter) went through something…extraordinary and while we had a good amount of time with Peter’s reaction, I wanted a little more from Jess.

 Overall, I enjoyed the short story and I’d read more from this author.

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