Project Mimic by John Black (Reviewed by Cianna)

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Title: Project Mimic

    Author: John Black

    Published Date: September 6, 2013

    Genre:  Sci-Fi


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Project Mimic is an action, sci-fi story that takes place in the near future. In the year 2077, the world has been torn apart by ambitious generals hell-bent on war and global domination.

Two rival factions, the United Protection Force (UPF) and the New Nation Alliance (NNA), are locked together in an arms race, each desperately searching for a technological advantage over the other.

In this new era of innovative combat, these fledgling nations turn to the last scientific frontier left to mankind: the human genome. A secret UPF research project known as Project Mimic is aimed at injecting the human body with powerful micro machines that can bond with dead human cells to create technologically advanced super soldiers.

These resurrected super soldiers gain tactical implants that could turn the tide of the long and bloody conflict once and for all. However, Project Mimic doesn’t stay a secret for very long and the New Nation Alliance launches a preliminary attack.

As both sides of the conflict fight over the research laboratory, something is conspicuously missing from the picture: the Project Mimic test subjects themselves.

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Alright, I’ll tell you off the bat, this book is heavy sci-fi, if you don’t like that genre, don’t pick it up because you’re not going to enjoy yourself, but for the rest of us sci-fi fans, it’s an action filled journey, from beginning to end, you just keep going. I will say I wasn’t feeling much emotion from the pages though, I found it hard to connect to the characters and events, because it felt distanced. I usually love having a strong connection to the characters helps me really dive in and focus on the story, so I did have a lot of picking the book up and putting it down moments, instead of being grabbed right away.  Once I did get into it though, I was impressed, the writing style is very good, and he does a great job developing a lot of his characters. He really put together an interesting plot arch for the story, so I’m glad I held on, and kept reading. The genetic experiments in the story play a major role, and had a slight X-Men feel, which I liked, and thought that it was an interesting dynamic for the story, and really gave us a story that was a little different and well thought out.

 Overall, I’d recommend this book. Fans of sci-fi action, X-Men, or anything dealing with genetic manipulation will enjoy this book. I’m excited to see what he’s going to do in the next book, (assuming there is a next one) and how the characters will change.

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