Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm by Simone Da Costa (ARC Reviewed by Julie)

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Title: Emily-Rose’s Day at the Farm

    Author:  Simone Da Costa

    Published Date: Coming January 2014

    Genre:  Children’s Picture Book


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Emily-Rose’s Grammie’s farm is filled with all sorts of animals and her grandmother is always feeding them. And Emily-Rose would love to feed them when she goes to the Farm with her family in Emily-Rose’s Day At The Farm, but her Grammie wouldn’t allow her.

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The copy I received just contained the print and not the illustrations. Illustrations can make-or-break a picture book, and I was disappointed to not have them available for review.

This is an interesting children’s book. I enjoyed Emily-Rose’s enthusiasm to spend time with her grandmother who likes to use big words that Emily-Rose doesn’t understand. Emily-Rose’s repetitive experience at feeding the animals on her grandmother’s farm illustrates the meaning of one big word that grandmother uses to describe the animals on her farm.

It wasn’t clear if the message was to trust/respect your elders, grow your vocabulary, taking care of animals is hard work, or be careful of what you wish for. The end was clear that Emily-Rose learned a lesson.

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