Beneath it All (Let Me Love You, #1) by Rani L. Rhyes (Reviewed by Julie)

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Title: Beneath it All (Let Me Love You, #1)

    Author: Rani L. Rhyes

    Published Date: December 24, 2013

    Genre:  Romance


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Tess and Avery have histories, and Tess’ includes some difficult experiences. She is trying daily to overcome the problems when Avery, who makes her insides tingle, penetrates her surface and refuses to leave. Tess tries to push Avery away to no avail. She eventually lets him into her life and takes positive steps to move on from her troubled past.

 ***Contains Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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I appreciated that the author was trying to address the difficult topic of the aftermath of rape, however, the reader isn’t told that the main character is dealing with this issue for quite a long time. The rape event and it’s impact on Tess could have been dealt with much earlier and in more detail to give the reader a better understanding of the main character. I found the start of the story to be confusing and not at all catchy. It wasn’t until close to the end of the book that there was a tie into the the first scene.

 I didn’t like any of the characters. Sometimes not liking the characters draws out emotions in the reader, but that wasn’t the case for me with this book. The excessive swearing and choice of conversation wording–I presume used to create a picture of the characters–was a little overdone for my taste.

The story contained a bit too much detail on small things, and not enough time was spent on the meat of the story. The reader knows that Tess is avoiding men, but there is no insight into why. I would have appreciated more character development and meatier conversation between characters. Development of the secondary characters would have the story more interesting as well.

 The writing was decent, and while there is room for growth in character and story development, this isn’t a bad first outing for an author.

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