The Carousel Pony by Judith Victoria Douglas (Reviewed by Shelby)

The Carousel Pony cover

Title: The Carousel Pony

     Author: Judith Victoria Douglas

     Published Date: November 12, 2013

     Genre:  Children / Youth


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A special carousel with special ponies. When one winks at Sadie she is sure her wish for a pony will come true. Released 11/12/13; available within a few days on Amazon. No e-books editions.

A children’s book to be read to children up to the third grade when they may be able to read it themselves.

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The Carousel Pony by Judith-Victoria Douglas is a delightful story about the simple magic of childhood.

 Sadie is a sweet young girl who wishes for a pony of her very own. Unfortunately, like a lot of us, she must settle for riding the carousel ponies at the local fairgrounds. Sadie’s father is a photographer and is hired to take pictures of the new carousel ponies in order to make brochures. He takes Sadie with him on what turns out to be a fantastic day full of fun, imagination, and magic for her.

 Kids and parents alike will quickly fall in love with this enchanting story. The illustrations are beautifully hand drawn and idyllic. The ponies are described in excellent detail allowing the readers to place themselves into the story with ease. There are lessons on the history of carousel ponies and a cast of wonderfully written characters. My favorite, besides little Sadie and her favorite pony Whisper, was Mr. McTavish. He was so very kind and patient and his gift to Sadie was very sweet.

This is not my first book by Judith-Victoria Douglas and I’m sure it will not be my last. My little one and I thoroughly enjoy the amazing adventures her books take us on and we very much look forward to our next.

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