Temptation (Touch of Tantra Novella, #1.5) by Liv Morris (Reviewed by Patricia)

Temptations Cover

Title: Temptation (Touch of Tantra Novella, #1.5)

    Author: Liv Morris

     Published Date: December 9, 2013

     Genre:  Erotica, New Adult


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Recently Kathryn Delcour returned to her hometown of New York City. Widowed two years ago, she found healing from her loss through the ancient practice of Tantra and teaches the spiritual and sexual art to others.

 When Kathryn oversees a husband performing a very intimate tantric massage with his wife, the steamy session makes Kathryn face her own sexual frustrations and realize she needs a true lover. Unfortunately she hasn’t met a man who lights a fire inside of her like her late husband… until she meets billionaire Adam Kingsley later that night.

 We’ve heard Adam’s side of their meeting. Now take a little journey into Kathryn’s mind on the day they met.

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for Young Readers***

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This was a delightful short story to accompany the events in Adam’s Apple. We see the few beginning hours of the book from Kathryn’s point of view. I’m a fan of Liv Morris and her writing and this short story does not disappoint. It’s short, but we get a significant amount more information on Tantra and its goals. As this is an important part of Adam’s Apple and a key connection between Kathryn and Adam, this is a necessary companion to the series.

 I love Kathryn as a character and hearing some of her emotions and inner thoughts gave a lot more depth to the whole tale. While Kathryn and Adam only *just* meet in this book, the sensual connection between them is extremely well done. I also loved seeing a bit more of Kathryn’s mother.

 All in all a short tale that is well worth the read. It should be read after Adam’s Apple and before Adam’s Fall. I hope that the author writes another short from Kathryn’s point of view in the future.

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