Minutes Before Sunset by Shannon A Thompson (Reviewed by Melanie)

Minutes Before Sunset CoverTitle: Minutes Before Sunset

     Author: Shannon A Thompson

      Published Date: May 1, 2013

      Genre:  YA Fantasy


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Two destinies. One death.

“Her kiss could kill us, and my consent signed our death certificates…”

Eric has less than a year left before his fated battle when he meets her. She’s a shade like him, but separated from the Dark – and with more power than she should have. And he can’t stay away.

Jessica is new to town and desperate to figure out who, or what, her birth parents were. But she can’t find them without overcoming Eric, and she won’t let him stop her.

Minutes Before Sunset happens through the minds of two young adults as they struggle to survive their paranormal realities and find balance in their human lives.

paragraph divider 18***Melanie, #NerdGirlVamp Review***

I am always excited by new ideas based around age old concepts (in this case the battle between the light and the dark) and the author here has a great concept and some brilliant ideas.

 Sadly for me it didn’t quite come together in this book. I felt as though perhaps the author knew the world she created so well that maybe she forgot that the readers didn’t know everything that she knew.

 The story itself is a great one with characters that are intriguing but I found myself getting confused at times and often felt that I was “missing something” and I can’t quite put my finger on why.

 The switching back and forth between perspectives means you really need to pay attention to the chapter headings (although this wasn’t really an issue and the story does benefit a lot from the different viewpoints) but the characters are strong enough that even if you miss one you can usually tell quite quickly that you have.

 Overall I think this author shows a great deal of potential. She has created a world that is really quite fascinating ….. I just needed to know a bit more of the background and the rules to appreciate it I think.


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