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Beneth it all full coverTitle:  Beneath it All (Let me Love you Series #1)

Author:  Rani L. Rhyes

Genre:  Erotica

Release Date:  December 22, 2013

~ Synopsis ~

It’s hard to find someone that you’re meant to be with, unless of course you’re not looking. Tess Hammons is a troubled girl, trying daily to overcome the problems that have left her heart, among other things, scathed and scarred many years ago. After three horrific encounters with the opposite sex, she concludes that all men are dogs from hell, sent here to bring her back to the depths with them. No one could talk her out of her gloom and doom, but a handsome devil called Lust himself, better known as Avery Woodham might be able to penetrate it.

When Avery, who makes her insides tingle with a longing like never before, penetrates her surface and refuses to leave, Tess is forced to open up. Avery’s spell has a hold on her and no matter how much she pushes him away to protect herself, the snap back response from him is something uncanny. Read, as Avery cracks her shell and finds the woman hidden beneath it all.


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~ Chapter 1 Tease ~

“Fuck you Shade! I didn’t ask for this and frankly I think we wasted too much time going back and forth, like we have…I can’t even imagine counting the days I’ve dealt with this bullshit,” I was fuming my rage had reached an all-time high as she looked at me with wide doe eyes. Sure I never talked to her like that and I had been all too forgiving, given the fact that she never ever changed a decimal of the amount she always said she would. No matter your home training, everyone has a trigger and she had pushed mine, a little too hard.

Her hands shot to her face to avert the sting that my words threw at her. Sure she cried and wanted me to take it back like I always did, but this wasn’t the night and I wasn’t the one anymore.
“Don’t give me this Rust. I promise I’ll…” Her voice cracked.
“Don’t bother,” I cut her off, making the shock in her eyes pool over with more tears. “Just leave” I opened her car door and started the ignition before taking a few steps back, allowing her to get in. She couldn’t even look at me, I know I probably crossed the line a mile back, but I wasn’t about to stop, not until I knew this was over and never coming back.

She sat down in the drivers’ seat with her feet on the curb, her shoulders slumped and her natural wild ringlets of curls falling around her. I could hear her whimper something but the surroundings were too loud to make out what was said. Bracing myself on the side door, I let my rage cool over with a hint of compassion. Shade was a beautiful girl. She just had too many demons that she wasn’t quite ready to battle. And I wasn’t going to become one of them. I knelt down and moved her hair behind her ear so that I could gaze into her brown, autumn colored eyes. Immediately she turned from me… Shit was she hyperventilating? I huffed a breath before speaking.

“Look at me Shade.”

“Don’t call me that.” She failed trying to control her breathing as she was still avoiding my gaze. I didn’t want to acknowledge that that had burned my heart, since I enjoyed calling her that for years. She looked like shade on a beautiful summer day, always refreshing and cool. Her smoky brown skin and almond shaped eyes and full pouty lips only made this harder. But that nickname fit perfectly and she knew it.

“Look you have to know, this isn’t personal. You just have to figure out what it is that I haven’t been able to help you with. I can’t battle your problems for you, trust me I’ve tried. We,” I motioned my hand between her and me. “Can’t let this happen anymore. I’m sorry.”

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~ Author’s Bio ~

Rani finds herself at home in Sweet Home Alabama. Fast approaching her fine arts degree she released this book. Rani is a single, wild, and caring individual that has loved writing since she first found out she could. She found a comfort in reading and after discovering a style she loved, became obsessed with writing a novel of her own. Turned out this one leads the way for many more to come.


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