Always You by Missy Johnson – (ARC Reviewed by Tara)

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Title: Always You

  Author: Missy Johnson

  Published Date: December 19, 2013

  Genre: NA / Contemporary Romance


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I was thrilled when I was offered a graduate teaching position at the prestigious Tennerson Girls Academy. At twenty-three, this would be my first ‘real’ teaching assignment. Working at the elite boarding school, home to the daughters of some of the wealthiest people in the world, was a great opportunity that I would’ve been stupid to pass up.

 One week into my new job, and I suddenly had no idea why I chose high school…I was a seventeen year old boy once, I knew how teenage girls behaved.

 You can’t even imagine the hell of trying to teach thirty, hormonal driven seventeen year olds who have been cooped up, away from any male contact.

 I could handle the whispers every time I entered the room. I could even handle the obvious attempts at gaining my attention. What I couldn’t handle was her…

 Rich bitches and way too many rules. Was it any wonder that I hated school?

 Add to that the lack of male contact, and I was going insane. Like literally. I wasn’t used to this. A year ago I was normal. I had a boyfriend, friends and a loving family. There is nothing normal about me anymore, and nobody here lets me forget that.

 My name is Wrenn, and I’m only here because my aunt took me in after what happened, but my aunt also happens to be the headmistress of this academy…Can you see my problem?

 I’m hated for my lack of money, and I’m hated for who my Aunt is.

 Then he arrived. Dalton Reed. My new history teacher.

 Slowly, he helped me see that even in the worst situations, there is always hope

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, Strong Language and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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 ***Tara, #NerdGirlTallulah’s Review***

Always you is NOT just another forbidden teacher/student romance!

 I was totally and completely enthralled by this book! I was blown away by the prologue and it only got better from there!

 Never – not once – did this book come across as seedy and dirty, as some teacher/student romances can tend to do.

 There were so many layers to the story, each one turning and twisting with the next, it was SO much more than a school girl crush on a horny teacher!

 Both Wrenn and Dalton have their own issues and heartaches, together they truly make each other happier, stronger people, and I was always rooting for them! They’re both really likeable characters and very easy to empathize with. Even if you haven’t experienced the things they have, they really make you feel like you lived through it all with them!

From just reading the synopsis, Always You wasn’t what I expecting it would be – it was 100% better! I wasn’t expecting the story to go in the direction it did and it pretty much tore me up!

I LOVED Always You. It was an original idea within a popular genre, definitely refreshing to read something so well written – something that had so many dimensions to it that all just came together perfectly. Always You is a beautiful, thought evoking read that will honestly blow your mind!

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