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the society series Cover 3.2 (1)The Society Series Book Three

 Title: At The Manor, Part Two

 Tag Line: He had never wanted his freedom until he met her

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, BDSM, Strong Language and Adult Situations. NOT for Young Readers***

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In this exciting conclusion to “At The Manor, Part One”, Sean returns from the Program, Annie confronts her own fears of submission and someone from her past comes back in to her life, causing some serious friction with Sean. Between all of this she must continue her work with the slave girls that belong to Susan and Arnold while preparing for her own to give birth. Will she crack under pressure, or will it only serve to make her stronger?

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~ Author Bio ~

Lillian Nightshade is a kink erotica author who enjoys exploring the limits of the human mind and body through her work. She began writing erotica over ten years ago, and her work has been evolving ever since. As her own interest in and passion for the BDSM alternative lifestyle grew, so did it’s presence in her work. Lillian has always had an interest in the psychological aspect of BDSM, and seeks to incorporate that in to every piece she writes.

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