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the society series Cover 2.3 (1) The Society Series Book Two

 Title: At The Manor, Part One

 Tag Line: Giving in never felt so right

 ***Contains Graphic Sex, BDSM, Strong Language and Adult Situations. NOT for Young Readers***

 ~ Blurb ~

In this book Jen learns her new name and the things required of her in the process of becoming Charity.

Blurb: In this book, we delve ever deeper in to the world of The Society. Travel with Annie from her home to that of Susan and Arnold, known as The Manor. There, a difficult girl is transformed from slave to human livestock while another starts on the path to becoming the perfect living doll for her Master. At the same time, we learn more about the slave trade within The Society and discover a whole new side of our heroin, Annie when a night spent with two male slaves brings long repressed desires to the surface.

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~ Author Bio ~

Lillian Nightshade is a kink erotica author who enjoys exploring the limits of the human mind and body through her work. She began writing erotica over ten years ago, and her work has been evolving ever since. As her own interest in and passion for the BDSM alternative lifestyle grew, so did it’s presence in her work. Lillian has always had an interest in the psychological aspect of BDSM, and seeks to incorporate that in to every piece she writes.

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