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The Society Series Book One

Title: Becoming Charity

Tag Line: It would be the lesson of a lifetime for them both

***Contains Graphic Sex, BDSM, Strong Language and Adult Situations. NOT for Young Readers***

~ Blurb ~

Jen had spent years climbing the social ladder, and finally had the life that she wanted. Money to burn, adoring fans and national recognition. She had done whatever it took to reach her goals, with little concern for who she had to step on in the process. What she didn’t know was that one of the people she had wronged, a seemingly insignificant girl, was a member of an elite underground world of kink and perversion known as The Society. Here begins her journey into mental suffering and sexual excess, to her a nightmare of humiliation, mental punishment, hard sexual use and heavy sadism. To her captor, the beginning of a dream.

 In this book Jen learns her new name and the things required of her in the process of becoming Charity.

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~ Author Bio ~

Lillian Nightshade is a kink erotica author who enjoys exploring the limits of the human mind and body through her work. She began writing erotica over ten years ago, and her work has been evolving ever since. As her own interest in and passion for the BDSM alternative lifestyle grew, so did it’s presence in her work. Lillian has always had an interest in the psychological aspect of BDSM, and seeks to incorporate that in to every piece she writes.

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