10 Days by Olivia Mayfield (Reviewed by Cianna)

Ten Days Cover

Title: Ten Days

 Author: Olivia Mayfield

 Published Date: May 9, 2013

 Genre: NA / Dystopian Romance / Sci-Fi


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TEN DAYS is a New Adult romance, based on the sci-fi short story “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster.

 Nineteen-year-old Cally isn’t like the others. In her society, the Machine caters to every whim, ensuring people don’t have to leave their pods. But Cally and her best friend Marshal find themselves drawn to how things used to be, when people lived on the surface of the earth and relied upon manpower, not technology. When physical contact wasn’t uncivilized, and love was normal, acceptable, embraced. Cally tries to swallow down her increasing dissatisfaction with the “rules,” as well as her rapidly developing feelings for Marshal, a task getting harder each day.

 Then, things start going downhill, fast. Food is spoiled. Air grows musty. The population panics about the dysfunction–is it sabotage? Anarchy? But Cally and Marshal discover the truth: The Machine, the answer to all their problems for longer than anyone can remember, is breaking down. Now, these two have to risk it all to save themselves and the people they care about…before their entire world destroys itself.

***Contains Sexual and Adult Situations. Not for young readers***

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***Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine’s Review***

Grade: A (Five Stars)

This is such a great story. I love dystopian novels. I love future that could happen at any point, I love thinking about them, and I love authors who make me think about them. Authors who make me stockpile on food, just in case the entire world goes to pieces in the near future. Those are what dystopian books are about. The excitement and the fear. This book delivers on that. I realize this book is a re-imagining of The Machine Stops by E.M Foster, and I’m sure those reading the book who have read that story may look at this differently, but for me, this is a fresh idea with a great spin. Machines ruling human kind… human connection eliminated… history becomes creative ideas that humans ponder on and laugh at. Wow, I loved this book. I think it’s got the right amount of fear, which leads to rebellion. What good dystopian doesn’t have a rebel? Cally is our rebel. She’s brave, smart, caring and a danger to the perfectly crafted, emotionless, machine world they live in. As for the romance factor, the forbidden romance, it’s a little steamier then YA, so parents be warned, but it’s much tamer than an actual romance novel, so I’d say late teens would be acceptable, but not young teens unless as a parent you’ll cool with the steamy. It’s tamer then usual NA book so if that helps, lovely! Otherwise, the plot of this book is strong, and yes, as it’s based on another story, I’m sure that factored in, but I honestly adored the way the author wrote, and that’s all her. She crafts the world, she builds these amazingly flawed characters, and she lets them loose. It’s touching, and hurtful all at the same time. I loved the quotes from the Book of The Machine. Anything you need is a screen away. How does that sit with you? Seems a little too close for comfort in our current society but that’s what makes this book so lovely. It challenges us to think! The ending is great, and painful, and perfect. I am excited to read more by this author. I hope a book two will emerge, and I hope I get a chance to read it, because I love this idea, I love this world, and these characters are great!

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