Three of Diamonds (Hamden Series #3) by W. Ferraro (Reviewed by Shelby)

Three of Diamonds Cover

Title: Three of Diamonds (Hamden Series #3)

  Author: W. Ferraro

  Published Date: August 7, 2013

  Genre: Erotica/Contemporary Romance


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 Lola Nash’s life edges on safe and controlled, containing few people; her brother, Boyd, a handful of friends and the facility for special needs children where she volunteers, called Aaron’s Place. However, a chance meeting shatters her control when she learns someone else’s closely held secret. The kind of secret causing her explicit and sexy dreams, all centering around Wes Thompson; known as Adonis in the ultra-exclusive world of the sex club, Olympus. Wes is intrigued by the voluptuous beauty who won’t give him the time of day. Like the God he emulates, he has never been the type to give in when he wants something or someone; Lola is exactly what he wants. Is Lola the one that can bring a God to his knees or will Wes conquer her, and then walk away as planned? Is the chance at love worth the cost of giving up everything you hold important? When the cards are down, will Wes and Lola call or fold?

 ***Contains graphic sex and language. Not for young readers***

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***Shelby, #NerdGirlShelby’s Review***

Another great book from W. Ferraro!

 Three of Diamonds is the story of Lola and Wes. Lola is a bartender and the sole guardian of her teenage brother with Down Syndrome. Wes is an architect/sex god. Literally. Lola first spots Wes at a top secret sex club known as Olympus but due to the anonymity afforded by the masks that they are all required to wear, she doesn’t know who he is. True to it’s name, Olympus is frequented by not only mere mortals who enjoy the privacy and acceptance that the club provides but also the Gods who run the club. Wes is one of those Gods. Lola accepts a job at Olympus, unable to refuse the crazy cash that they offer. She soon finds herself obsessing over one God in particular. Adonis. However, she soon realizes that what goes down at the club is too much for her. She quits and takes a job bar tending at a local dive called Cal’s. Cal’s just happens to be the hot spot that Wes and his friends frequent. When Lola finds out that Wes is the beautiful God known as Adonis she tries to avoid getting involved with him but fails miserably at it. She soon finds there is so much more to Wes than she originally thought.

I thought this was a great book but I had a harder time connecting with it than the other two in the series. It’s not for lack of great writing. This book is just as well written as the first two. The storyline just seemed to be a bit more erotica than romance and I had a harder time getting into it.

 The characters are complex and well written. This time around you get a deeper look into the life of Wes, best friend of Seth and Dylan. There are a lot of things you learn about Wes that you definitely don’t expect and that’s pretty cool. I love surprises. When a book is really predictable it takes the fun out of it. Lola and Wes mesh well together and there is plenty of build up to their relationship so it didn’t feel rushed at all. I like that in each installment to this series you are introduced to a whole new set of characters to fall in love with. Three of Diamonds was no exception. My favorite new character was Boyd. Boyd is the teenage brother of Lola. Their mother gave him up as a toddler and Lola has been caring for him ever since. The relationship and bond between Lola and Boyd is a beautiful thing to read. She is so patient and loving when it comes to him. It’s easy to feel their closeness through the writing. You are also introduced to other newbies like Aimee, Jax, the mysterious Gitta, Lycus, and a few others. All very well thought out, well written, interesting characters. I also liked that we get to see how some of our old favorites are doing. There are little snippets here and there with Seth and Mae and their little one and Dylan and Natalie and the twins.

 I know I said this book felt more like erotica than romance but there was still plenty of romance to go around. Wes and Lola form a relationship to rival that of his friends. The love in Three of Diamonds is enviable and the sex scenes are extremely HOT! My favorite quote from this book is “(Wes) You may have a problem walking in the morning. (Lola) I’ll crawl. (Wes) As long as we’re on the same page.”

 If you have read Three of Hearts and Three of Spades, you are going to want to read Three of Diamonds!! After reading the entire series I have come to the conclusion that W. Ferraro is the queen of amazing endings. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of the ending of this book. Or the middle. Or the beginning.

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