I wanted to thank our Nerd Girl Official fans for being patient and for loving us.  We are still a baby at 6 months old today and we are still experiencing growing pains and changes in street team and in primary staff. 

One thing is for sure we miss our MELANIE who is still not back with us.  Moving is extensive BUT moving with a chronic illness is worse.  Double with that the wifi issues she is having in her wonderful old house, she is still gone for us!  If you miss Mel, let her know by leaving a blog comment here!  Silly Smiles!!!  Sigh… 

We also miss AMBER!  Who is on bed rest.  She is around to talk to us, but she can’t really sit up because she needs to stay healthy for the baby.  She is still only in her first trimester!!!  WOW she will be gone for a while!!!  BUT she will be back!!  I hope! 

I want to give a huge THANK YOU for Nerd Girl Official’s primary staff for helping out in Mel’s absence!  Princess Tara is awesome sauce!  She has taken over handling the arrangements of Spotlight Giveaways and Flash Giveaways.  Since she is Melanie’s PA you can continue to email NerdGirlVamp@gmail.com if you would like to schedule one in the near future!  Cianna, #NerdGirlSunshine, has assisted us with graphics, teaching me wordpress (yes me), and taking more time on the FAN PAGE!  We have a new lady on tumblr and it’s Tina, #NerdGirlMama, who is actually Amber’s Mama.  That’s why we call her Mama.  So when you see the tumblr post on the FB FAN PAGE, it’s Tina.  Crissy is still around, like a ghost she , posting fun pictures and free books at night and on the weekends.  Without her, our TBR and #OneClickObsession would be real low.

I do have tons of book reviews to post.  Please forgive me authors and fans!  I changed the format the reviews need to be returned to me so our reviews look the same.  :)  I will get them up soon and new requests will be distributed to our awesome street team.  We still have 25 full and part time street team members.  I am actually thinking of adding two more street team members.  One that loves the paranormal romance & urban fantasy genre and one that loves the contemporary romance & new adult genre.  You only have to give me 2 reviews a month BUT you will also need to share Nerd Girl Official Post to your friends and pages your members of (once you check first if you can).  NEW REVEIW REQUESTS AND INTERESTED STREET TEAM MEMBERS, PLEASE EMAIL ME at NerdGirlOfficial@gmail.com

Blog Post, Book Blitz, Cover Reveals, Blog Tours and all that fun stuff will resume now!  My apologies to everyone that I missed the last couple weeks.  I think I have things on lock now.  :) 

THE NERD GIRL STORE is still there my Nerd Herd!  To keep our services free, please consider purchasing a shirt or a book mark.  We are going to add mugs and coffee tumbler to the store soon soooooooo we shall keep you posted!  :)

So in closing…  Nerd Girl Official evolves like it needs too, but we can swing back when Mel and Amber returns!  My arms are always open to people I love sooo soooo much! 

Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirl #NerdGirlOfficial #NerdGirlArmy

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The NerdGirl

Blogger, Reviewer, Promoter extraordinaire, I don’t think you will find ANYONE that loves books more than her. Gladys will read anything but prefers paranormal and fantasy. She likes historical and some contemporary ….. as long as its not predictable.
  • Emilia Santacroce Shirdan

    I love your blog and Facebook page! I wish you all the best with everything and hope everyone is better soon! :) xoxo

    • The Nerd Girl

      Thank you so much Emilia! I will let Mel and Amber know you are thinking of them! We love our Nerd Herd very much!!

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