EXCLUSIVE!!!! Lizzy Ford Cover Reveal … WITH an interview with the cover model!!!!

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 *Cover art and design copyright 2013 by Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations*

Charred Heart (#1, Heart of Fire)
“For a thousand years, Chace has searched for a way to break the curse placed on him by a jilted lover. He’s a dragon shifter, one who can’t control when the magic will force him into a different form. He’s already lost everyone he ever cared about a few times over and doesn’t know how much longer he’s meant to suffer.
At his wit’s end, he makes a deal with a mysterious figure that offers him what he wants most – an end to his misery – in exchange for everything that’s his: His life, his power. His heart.
The next day, he meets Skylar, a modern day dragon slayer whose mission is to cage him – or kill him. Sexy, witty and brave, she is the yin to his yang, the woman destined to break the curse, balance his magic and make his broken heart whole.
Except it’s too late. Not only has he sealed his fate, but an innocent one-night-stand with Skylar has dragged her into the middle of a deal with the devil, one she won’t escape, if he can’t convince her that dragon shifters aren’t her enemies.”

About Lizzy

Lizzy Ford is the author of over twenty books written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring.

Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.

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Meet The Cover Model James D Magnussen……. Well read an interview anyway lol


How James Describes Himself ….

 A generic farm boy kinda upbringing from Detroit mi. Moved to Arizona to find new setting and opportunities after several attempted trials and failed relationships I locked myself away to sort thru the pile of life shit and entered the world a new James. a reinvented wandering adventurer looking for a way out of the mundane spending my free time training for the adventures i crave and think about all day. During my working hours I spend my time toiling away to refine business skills and hacking the deferred life plan, that stands in the way between me and the wilderness that I love so much.
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1. How does it feel being on a cover of a book?
“It’s kind of surreal to me my mind Has a hard time grasping it. I’m very honored if nothing else, that I would be considered for such iconic photography. Let alone modeling at all.”
2. What are you thoughts on being considered a book boyfriend?
“Honored. I don’t mean to be repetitive but everything surrounding modeling has caught me completely off guard even tho it has been over a year ago when I first got asked to do my first shoot. It’s incredibly flattering and really makes me appreciate the opportunities that have been put before me.”
3. How did you get into modeling?
“Facebook. It all started with Facebook and continues with Facebook best free marketing tool anyone could ask for. A friend of a friend commented on a photo of me in leather pants and that showed up on one of her friends news feed so she sent a message asking if I had ever done modeling or if I ever wanted to, I Asked what the project was and when I found out it was a romance novel cover. I was more then happy to accept as I thought that it would be a great joke on my mother as she loves romance novels.”
4. What are your hobbies?
“Hobbies? Hmmm I love all thing wilderness and adventure sports. Climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, acrobatic yoga, slack-lining, high lining, brewing, backpacking, hiking, and of course troublemaking.”
5. If you could be in any kind of book what kind of character would you be?
“Any character? That’s a hard one. Something epic and cheesy like an eighties action hero movie Kind of cheesy.”
6.  How often do you go to Book Conventions and  where will you be this coming year?
“Well I’ve only been invited to az dreamin So until I’ve been invited elsewhere that’s where I’ll be.”
7.  Do you just model  or do you have a day job and what is It if you do?
“I wish I could say I made enough modeling to not have a second job! Unfortunately I can’t. Currently I work in the healthcare system.”
8. Have you read any of the books you have been on the cover of?
“I’m sorry to say I haven’t read any of the books I’ve been on. But truth be told I’m not a reader to begin with. Audio books are much more of my thing.”
9.  What was it like winning Man of the Year at AZ Dreaming?
“It was a BLAST winning the title “man of our dreams2013” a total fluke in my opinion, it was really really stiff competition and I had no idea what I was gonna do going into it. I was really nervous and terrified I was gonna freeze up. Luckily at the last moment before going up on stage I came up with a half-baked insta-plan that turned out to be a success and barely won over the crowd for the win. Even tho I was nervous before hand once things started happening it was a riot. I thank all the ladies in attendance for being so encouraging and fun!
10.  What is your weakness that  makes you go to the gym and work it off?
“Anything sweet, or pizza and high dollar alcohol. luckily for the most part I surround my self with activities and people that don’t really see to much temptation. So when I’m around it I don’t feel bad about it. Worst recurring thing for me is the 10pm munches I’ll ride my bike 10 miles to the nearest fro-yo place and indulge for a bit and ride back, then all is right in the world and I’m still ahead.”
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