Through It All by Ashley Beale (Review From Amy)


**Review By Amy From The Nerd Girl Page**

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*

“I will never let you fall. I will stand up for you forever. I’ll be there for you, through it all. Even if saving you sends me to heaven.” -The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, ‘Your Guardian Angel.’

Landon Hastings has lived a life of luxury.
When he starts to question things in his life, he leans on Sawyer Wexler, the new girl in school that intrigues him.

Neither of them can deny their feelings for one another, yet they don’t push in trying to go too fast.
Sawyer has a past that still haunts her, and Landon has a future that he has worked his whole life for.

Can they accept the things they cannot change and push through the obstacles in their lives?
And is it worth it?

My Review:
Before you even get into the actual story you get the Prologue and that little bit was amazing and already has you hooked! I knew I was in for a really great book and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed!
The story about a girl named Sawyer who went through so much in her life and not all of it the greatest but still managed to find her way and overcome it all. It’s such a surreal story filled with powerful and intense moments and lots of emotions on display.
I like the relationship between the character’s Landon and Sawyer their so beautiful and amazing together! They start out as friends only because everything Sawyer had been thru in her past but without either of them realizing it their friendship blossomed into something more and it was a beautiful and tender thing to be able to witness!
I like that you know what your getting with this book the author stuck to the story and didn’t get off point, it had a natural flow and such ease and transition into each new scene or chapter it really made reading this book such an enjoyment!
The only thing I would change about the book is maybe use a little less curse words I know it gives a warning in the blurb that there would be language but I didn’t realize there would be that much. I just feel that it takes away from the story and you really don’t need it to make the story because the story already felt complete and absolutely perfect!
Otherwise the book was fantastic I really liked the way things turned out in the story and thought it had a perfect and blissful ending! It’s a book I would definitely recommend to other readers!




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