A Dangerous Longing by Irene Autumn (Review By Brittany)


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3.5 Stars
It’s been almost a year, but Avery hasn’t gotten over her father’s death in a tragic accident. He was the only one who understood her special abilities, which he instructed her to always keep secret. Who can she talk to now that he’s gone? One of her friends isn’t who he seems to be, and he warns her that her father and she are faeries, and that the Fairy world has been hunting for her. Worse, once they find her, she’ll have to stand trial on behalf of her father for a crime she’s sure he’d never have committed. Her only choice is to figure out who actually did commit the crime so she can exonerate her father… And herself.
This review is really hard for me to write as it is a good book with a great ideas but it was just hard to read.  The real problem for me was the first half of the book, it was extremely confusing and not that entertaining.  I am a reader that likes stories that pull me in from the first chapter to the last.  This book pulled me in at about page 230 on my ereader.  I feel that most readers would have stopped by this time but I wanted to give it a fair chance.
This problem aside it is quite an interesting read for the second half of the book.  There are quite a few unexpected turns with plenty of fictional characters and aspects.  I also felt that Avery was very relatable and I really enjoyed the fairy aspect of the book. Her search for the answers to her father’s death and to prove his innocence lasts almost the entire book with an ending that has you hoping for a second book.  There is somewhat of a twist at the end and I really enjoyed that.  I would recommend this book to any fairy story lovers and for those that are patient readers!



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