Shadows Fall (Others of Edenton #1.5) by Brandy L. Rivers (Review By Leah)


**Review By Leah From The Nerd Girl Page**

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*

I am having a hard time deciding if these ladies are just unlucky or they just attracted crazy egotistical controlling nut jobs! I am thinking it’s a little bit of both! The moral I think is move to Edenton before its too late!

Amethyst is a nymph that is having major issues getting rid of her psychopathic ex, she has the magical ability to compel him away but to do that would compromise her morals in ways she doesn’t think she can live with! She has to figure out what to do before he ruins her life for good!

Brandy L. Rivers has done it again! This is a short story that bridges the gap between In To Deep and Shadows of the Past! As short as this is, it grips you right away and gives you a small window of insight into the mind of a character we don’t know much about yet! Rivers has me spellbound and dying to read more about the many different people of Edenton!


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