Reckless Longing (Reckless #1) by Gina Robinson (Review By Rach)


**Review By Rach From The Nerd Girl Page**

*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review*

19 year old Ellie , lovely Ellie who my heart broke for .

A story of mother and daughter not having a great relationship , maybe a bit of an understatement . A cheating boyfriend who she dumps early on and then also kicks her mum to the kerb , all she means to her mum is competition and she breaks Ellie’s heart . Ellie decides to find her biological father so she heads to college . After making me feel back at college ! she finds Jason her father she starts noticing the familiarities between them and gets a job in his department , where she meets Logan . Yes Logan was my book boyfriend in this I loved his character despite the life changing secrets he held . Logan and Ellie’s chemistry was on fire ! Too strong to ignore . I loved most of the characters read the book you will understand .

This story is a puzzle. You don’t know which way it will go , it’s fresh and il be waiting for the next instalment with an ending like that you know there’s a second book in the making .





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