Protect Me (Protected Love #1) by Jennifer Culbreth (Review By Julie)


***Review By  Julie  For The Nerd Girl Page ***

***I received this book from the author in exchange for a review.***

If half-stars were available, I’d rate this book a 3.5 stars. This romance novel has one of the more creative and plausible premises for a love story that I’ve read lately. There was the usual instant attraction, however, the main characters didn’t fall immediately into each others arms. I appreciated that there was some building of their relationship before they ended up in bed together.

There were aspects of the story that could have been better developed, and there was too much plot time spent shopping for me. Overall, the plot flowed at a good pace. A good first outing for a new novelist. The book appears to be a lead into a series where different characters take the lead role in subsequent books (just a guess).

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