Arcana: The Maiden by Catherine Stovall (ARC Review By Amy)


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The High Priestess and her consort, the Magician, have stripped away all vestiges of technology and cast the world of Wade into a magical dark age. In order to further their aims of domination, the evil pair murders sixteen-year-old Bianca’s family and captures her, intending to use her ethereal blood to wake a powerful spirit and rule the universe.

Three years later, Bianca breaks the sacred circle and allows an outside force to free her from her imprisonment in an evil place that the people of Wade call The Tower. When she wakes in the rebel encampment, Bianca finds herself faced with the boy she had thought dead and the Hierophant, who offers her something no one else has—a choice about her own destiny.

Driven by a want to help the rebel forces and the need to be close to Jonathan, Bianca makes a courageous decision, with a little guidance from the true Goddess, and vows to end the High Priestess’ rule over Wade. Developing from a helpless captive to a strong leader, her only distraction is forcing Jonathan to choose between her and Angel, the sex-kitten daughter of a visiting coven leader. Unfortunately, it is a hard lesson learned when the devil plays her for a fool, and her distrust in her own magic allows a traitor to make the Hanged Man Coven vulnerable.

Jonathan’s betrayal and the death of one of their own, sends Bianca fleeing from the hardships of her new life. Following the path of the Goddess, she learns the secret of the Wheel of Life and gains a valuable tool from the Hermit that reveals more than she had feared. With no choice left but to fight, Bianca and her people march into battle against the High Priestess’ forces. The journey is far from easy and proves that even the descendant of a Goddess can falter. On the verge of greatness or failure, Bianca must face down her darkest fears or die.

My Review:
Have you ever read a book that keeps you up day and night because the story is just too good to put down and once you’ve finished your on this HUGE book high that’s hard to come down from? This book did that for me! It took me on this amazing journey with vivid and detailed descriptions that leaves you longing to be inside of the author’s head the creativity and imagination it took to write this book is so surreal it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before.
From the beginning it teases you with a hint of mystery and physically just reels you in all the while taking you on this massive and thrilling ride as we see what the character’s have to go through and what their left to face. There were quite a few times I was holding my breath or gasping for air. To say I felt many different emotions while reading this book would be putting it mildly (One character really had me wishing I could jump in and strangle her myself. Mean little twit. lol)
I loved that I felt such a strong connection with the character’s and the story it makes it that more real like I’m feeling it and seeing it as the author intended! I loved that the book kept it’s timing it never strayed off subject or dragged on for any length of time. The scenes melded perfectly together and created a nice blending of ease and flow. I would definitely recommend this to other readers and hope they enjoy it as much as I have!


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