Conspirator’s Odessey: The Evolution of the Patron Saint by A.K Kuykendall (Review By Cianna)



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The day was routine for Captain Kalista Flaker, but the order passed down to her the morning of October 3, 1998, was far from routine. This order created of her an assassin charged with performing an unthinkable act: killing her very own. The mission was simple and in the same, difficult. She was to lead a team in a covert operation to South Vietnam. Their mission: Eliminate American POWs still being held captive since the Vietnam conflict. Yet the reasons behind this inhumane mission will prove to be literally out of this world as the nefarious meaning behind former President Dwight David Eisenhower’s bold statement “Beware of the military’s industrial complex” will be boldly revealed. Captain Flaker, this hard-nose Army Ranger of the 4th Battalion, 76th Ranger Regiment, could have never imagined what was possible within the boundaries of the nation she took an oath to defend.



*I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review.*

Grade: B+ (4.5 Stars)

This is a very interesting book, nothing like other books I’ve come across, and certianly perfect for lovers of conspiracy theories! The author weaves a bunch of different popular events and theories into this story, created a very complex and detailed storyline. It’s well researched, and realistically presented. It grabs your attention quite effectively.

The main character is female, something I wasn’t expecting, and she’s well written, strong, and quite defined. She’s got an interesting backstory, and her personality really make this story. She drives the plot, and keeps the reader on track. With such a strong main character, we are able to really relate and get emotionally invested in this story, we need to continue on.

The author’s voice really comes through in this novel, you can tell he’s passionate about his subject matter, and throughly engrossed in his writing. He writes with full detail, and emotional commitment, which really makes this novel approachable, and interesting. The book flows from begining to end, with very few problem spots. I think overall, I read this novel quite quickly once I got into it. It’s compelling. You need to know more.

I think the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because for me is because in the begining there was a lot of jumping around in time, and it was a little hard to follow, otherwise, this book stands out as quite an interesting read, and something quite different then the other thrillers on the market. His writing style really makes this book, and I think it will continue to make this series stand out.



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