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EJ Dabel is the author of the Pantheons and Albino Series and is the Spotlight giveaway author for today!  I am also his PA!  I hope you enjoy his Indy Author Talk for today!  Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirl #NerdGirlArmy #EJDStreetTeam

****Indy Author Talk*****


My name is E.J. Dabel and I’m the oldest of six.  As you can imagine growing up with four brothers and one sister was always exciting for me.  The house was never quiet, but always loud and full of activity.

One Christmas day when I was twelve years old my brother Les got me a book called THE HOBBIT.  It didn’t matter to him that I hated reading at the time.  I tried everything in my power not to read it, but Les was persistent and would not let me off the hook.  It was one of the best things he ever did for me, and not only did I read and thoroughly enjoy his gift but I also became a bookaholic by the end of it.

There were two promises I made to myself when I was in High School, one was that I would one day meet all of my favorite authors (Orson Scott Card, Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin and many others) and get them all to sign my books, and two that I would one day become an author and write until the day I die.

Now I’m thirty-eight years old and I’ve already accomplished my first dream.  Not only did I get all of their autographs, but I had the honor of being able to license their stories and my publishing company Dabel Brothers was able to adapt them into graphic novels.

As for my second promise, I’ve written five books so far.  Four of them is for an ongoing YA Greek mythology series called PANTHEONS, which is a story about Isaiah Marshall, the young son of the god Zeus who is prophesied to overthrow his father.  The gods of the ancient world pantheons have been sentenced into teenager bodies.  The fifth book is called ALBINO and like the other four is also available on Amazon.

With ALBINO I’ve done with woodland creatures what J.R.R. Tolkien did with fantasy during his time.

One of the books I’m really excited about is the one I’m currently writing with my sister for the Spring of next year, but I’ll let her tell you a little about it in the last paragraph below.

My sister Myrna is a really amazing young woman.  When she was a little girl with just a smile and a few ‘pleases’ was able to get me to watch Disney’s Little Mermaid twenty thousand nine hundred and seventy-five times (grins).  I had a lot of fun with her though and I even memorized all of the songs so I could sing along with her.  It’s a pleasure to be able to write with her.

MYRNA: Hi my name is Myrna Scales.  I am E. J. Dabel’s little sister.  We are writing about Anna. She is a shy girl that doesn’t have a social life. She is mysterious yet beautiful.  Her uncle is overprotective and her family is totally twisted but Anna has to find a way to get through all this so she can go to Rosehaven where all the secrets will unfold.  She has a lot of love interests and will have to pick the right one.  In the meantime, Anna will have a lot of fun and figure out a lot of things about herself and her family.  I’m really happy to be writing with my oldest brother.  I now live in Texas with my husband.


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