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Before we begin our special promotion and #AwesomeSauce #GiveAway for the Fangtastic Event HallowReads, Nerd Girl Official wants to wish Rachel Rawlings a Happy Happy Birthday!!!!  We hope that you have a special one with fun gifts and tons of books!!!

We wanted to start out the HallowReads weekend with a short blurb from Rachel, Q&A and a portion of their press release.

I am so excited for this event!  I get to meet Rachel Rawlings of course, Alma Katsu (Again X3), Jennifer Armentrout (Finally – Even though I am going to see her today at the Baltimore Book Festival), Darynda Jones (Yes Melanie I am getting books signed for you baby!!!!), Jordan Rose (She will be our feature author for HallowReads tomorrow) and sooooooooo many more!!!!

Of course my main questions for Rachel were about book signings and the such…
1) Can we bring our own books and pics to be signed??  I personally wanted to get my picture with Alma Katsu signed because I AM A STALKER!  Just kidding! But some places do want you to purchase the books there so I had to ask.  Rachel did say we can bring our own gear AND pictures!  Maybe I can get them to sign an index card that says Nerd Girl and do a giveaway after the event??? Hmmmmmmmm…
2. My other question was can we bring the authors fan gifts!  Yes yes we can!  Yay!  Again some places don’t like for fans to do that either, but HallowReads allow for everything!  Squeal!!!!
3. Additional signing rules??  None really except that books should be kept at one or two to maintain crowd control.

PS FANS!!! Do bring cash!  There will be a vendor shop that wi have books, book things, accessories, and jewellery!  Yay!!!

Hope to see you there! Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirl

And now….  The Birthday Girl!!!!!!  Rachael Rawlings:

HallowRead- mini-con for fans of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, SteamPunk and Horror. Something wicked this way comes! Join us as thirty of genre fictions leading authors take over Ellicott City. Book signings, author panels, ghost tours and a live Dracula show. Tickets on sale now. Be there and be scared!

Q&A With Author and HallowReads Organiser Rachel Rawlings

1) I have been excited about HallowRead since I found it on Laura Kaye’s site this past summer!  (That’s how I scout additional events!) Sooooo tell me more about it???
*HallowRead is a mini-con for fans and authors of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Horror and SteamPunk.

2) How did this convention come to be??

*I’ve wanted to do a convention close to home where readers and authors could really interact, not just at panels but with events that are fun for everyone. I was actually driving through the Ft. McHenry tunnel when I came up with the name.

3) What other fun stuff do you have planned???
*HallowRead is more than just a book festival. Sure we’ll have panels and a pop-up bookstore but there’s a ghost tour, SteamPunk Author Victorian tea, pub crawls, opportunities to have lunch or dinner with your favorite authors, and the best part….. an interactive thespian performance of Dracula in the haunted ruind of the Patapsco Female Institute. We’re not trying to make a profit with HallowRead, just cover the tickets for the ghost tour, the tea complete with scones and cream, play, shuttle and some of the marketing. We’ve managed to keep our ticket price extremely low when compared with other cons.

4) What would you tell people who don’t typically enjoy Halloween??
*It’s all in good fun. The gore level is pretty low. Ellicott City is a great town with lots to do, plenty of shops, museums and restaurants. If the ghost tour and Dracula play aren’t for you, come out to the panels and here the authors talk about writing, then visit the B&O Museum.

5) Are there any giveaways, contests, raffles, or other “freebies” during the event?
*There will be plenty of freebies. Each attendee gets a swag bag full of goodies from the authors and even the businesses in town. There are plenty of chances to win door prizes and other goodies during the panels. We’re also holding a raffle for Art Where We Are- a nonprofit bringing art teachers and supplies to children in shelters. We’ll be raffling off a couple baskets filled with books and cool swag and some other things for local business owners. If you’re staying at the SpringHill Suites participating authors will have something awesome in your room. No mints on your pillow but these prizes are way better!

6) Can authors submit their works to be featured in some way, either for sale or in a workshop or other type of event?

*We’re still accepting material for the swag bags and the raffle. Email me at for more info!

7) Are you looking for vendors? If so, how do we get in contact with you??
*We may have vendor spaces available in the pop-up bookstore depending on size of merchandise. Email me at for more info!

8) Is HallowRead slated to be an annual event?
*HallowRead is slated to be an annual event. Ellicott City really jumped on board and took me under their wing. The businesses owners and Business Association are thrilled to be the host city for HallowRead.

9) What is the single goal of HallowRead?
*What do you hope to accomplish by hosting an event such as this? A good time. I think it’s important for authors to connect with readers and vice versa. It reminds us why we write and is a fun way to say thanks for their loyalty and support.

10) Any additional comments?

*Thursday October 24th is the unofficial kick-off to the weekend with a reception in The Still Life Gallery hosted by authors L.M. Pruitt and Shea MacLeod. This is an opportunity to really get to know some of the industry’s leading authors in genre fiction. HallowRead, where authors are dying to meet you!

For More Information about Rachel Rawlings, the founder of HallowReads, here are her links below!!!

Rachel Rawlings
Author, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
The Maurin Kincaide Series
twitter: @rachelsbooks

Founder, Hallowread

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***Copy of Actual Press Release***

Local author brings book convention to Historic Ellicott City
Ellicott City, Maryland – Halloween’s for costumes and candy. Not according to founder of HallowRead, a convention for authors and fans of Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Steampunk and Horror novels.  Rachel Rawlings, author of paranormal/urban fantasy titles such as Witch Hunt and Wolfsbane, attended a number of large conventions before deciding to create her own.
The weekend long event kicks off the evening of Friday, October 25th with the popular Ellicott City Ghost Tours, panels and book signings all day Saturday the 26th and a closed performance of Dracula by locally renowned thespian group Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Saturday night in the ruins at the Patapsco Female Institute. The mini-con winds down Sunday morning the 27th with an author/ fan brunch and photo op at the Spring Hill Suites in Columbia, MD at 10:00 a.m.
“I’ve been a panelist and featured author in the autograph alley at large pop culture conventions and they’re great,” says Mrs. Rawlings, “but you don’t get to spend a lot of time with the readers. I wanted to create something intimate and interactive where the authors and fans could really get to know one another.”
In just a few short months HallowRead has grown from a handful of authors to twenty-five, all of them women and several national best sellers. “We wouldn’t be here without our readers.  It shouldn’t cost a fortune to meet one of your favorite authors or to find a new one. I wanted HallowRead to be affordable for everyone.”
Tickets are on sale now at with different packages ranging from $25.00-$75.00.
Sponsored by the Ellicott City Historic District Partnership, Howard County Tourism & Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

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