Condemned to Die by Catherine Stovall (Review By Amy)


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Nineteen-year-old Vega Williams is dead by her own hand, and her tormentors still walk the streets. The destroyers of one of the world’s last pure souls even attend her funeral in the guise of grieving loved ones. In fact, her funeral is nothing more than a social engagement to most of Oakdale’s finer society.
With their good intentions painted on their faces, they believe that their secrets and hate filled thoughts are safe behind the veneer of propriety. However, they didn’t count on Zane Allistor’s presence. The young man that not even Vega could have recognized turns out to be the reaper of the fallen girl’s vengeance.
Using his strange ability to read and manipulate minds, Zane tracks down those guilty for pushing the girl he loves past the point of no return and uses their misdeeds against them. In a bloody twist of fate, two hearts are united when death leads to life

My Review:
A quick read that delivers a little of everything for all different types of readers. An intriguing read about death, vengeance, and finding love all over again. I enjoyed the book!! The character’s come alive and make you feel every emotion, the amazing and detailed descriptions that make you feel apart of the book, and the way the scenes flow so gracefully into the next that you hardly notice when the next chapter has began. It definitely delivers, keeps you hooked from start to finish, and leaves you satisfied!

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