Tug Of War by K. Larson (ARC Review By Rach)

Tug of War 72

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**I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.**


‘Everything turns to crap and its all my fault’

Clara Lord is the owner of Bloodlines tattoo parlour. Straight away you meet this crazy lady. You will love her, hate her, want to punch her, shake her and cuddle her.

Dominic Napoli is a relentless suit wearing, real estate mogul and absolutely gorgeous guy, who is intrigued by Clara.

Sawyer is a hot looking bad boy who isn’t really bad at all he’s 6ft 2 with muscles tattoos and piercings, did I mention he’s gorgeous too? Sawyer loves Clara and you see this from the beginning. These are 3 of the main characters, I don’t want to tell you about them all as I don’t want to ruin any surprises along the way.

This book is amazing! The characters are so real you read the words and the movie plays in your head. I went through many emotions with the characters, I was never bored and never scanned through any of it. Reading this I expect you think it’s a love triangle but its more like an octagon with lots of surprises along the way. There’s plenty of smiling , laughing out loud (which my husband finds crazy! ) huffing and sniffling.

So the story jumps right in, there’s no waiting until the 4th chapter to know where you are. You learn of Clara’s personality straight away and her dislike of Dominic, Clara has pure hatred for wealth and all that comes with it, she is seriously crazy! She calls him a ‘Perv’ but then drinks the wine he sends over then finds herself drunk outside holding onto a wall, dizziness taking over. Dominic asks if she can stand? Her reply ‘of course I can you turd!’ Instantly I loved her and her typical funny rantings of ‘hoes before bros’ and ‘I hate him’.

I really can’t explain how much I loved this story, everything is perfect in it. The right amount of smiles, laughter, anger, tears, fun and the right amount of sex scenes. I love the characters and have major book hangover right now!

I think you have a forever fan here Katie! 5 stars for sure.

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