Blood Ties by Gina Whitney (Review By Mira)

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I was given a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review


Spell Bound College senior Grace is half witch, half mortal, and one of the most powerful supernatural beings in existence. Problem is she doesn’t know any of this yet. But she’s about to find out—and fast. Her powers are awakening, and Grace is in danger as her transformation reignites an ages-old war between her clan and an evil rival witch faction that will stop at nothing to see Grace dead so their leader, the vicious, ruthless Catherine, can harness Grace’s incredible powers for her own dark purposes. It’s up to Grace’s immortal Aunt Evelyn and her best friend Julie—a shape shifter from a long line of Native American mystics—to defend her. She also has James on her side, a witch from the Bolingbroke clan that has vowed since Grace’s birth to keep her safe. From the moment they meet, the two share a fierce supernatural attraction—a white-hot heat that neither can resist. Will their undying love protect her or put her in greater danger? Only time will tell, and time for Grace is running out.


My review:

For starters I really enjoyed this book, from the very first sentence my attention was gripped. Whitney makes it easy to easily identify the scenes and the chaos going on. I found her take on well-known Supernatural creatures interesting and refreshing, there is nothing I like more than when an author takes something so well-known and makes it their own. I did have a hard time staying focused through the amount of detail the author puts into her novel, but some people will absolutely love how beautifully she sets up here scene in this novel. Overall it was a great and refreshing read, especially if you like supernatural with some romance.


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