Dangerous Flames (Mafia Hearts #1) by Wendy Ely (Review By Ruby)


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Dangerous Flames is a fast paced totally addictive story set (mostly) in Las Vegas. Gabrielle Medini has been well protected from the family business through out her life for good reason. Her father is Enrico Medini – a Mafia Boss. His world is a dangerous one but Gabrielle is still determined to have a part in it. She soon discovers that life inside the Mafia is never boring. As always there is a fight for power and people are getting killed by hit men as it plays out. When Enrico’s life is threatened Gabrielle takes matters into her own hands with or without her family’s consent or even their knowledge.


That’s where Mikolas comes in. Gabrielle has known and loved Mik for a long time but she doesn’t know what role he plays in the mafia for her father and he doesn’t want her to know. One of my favourite things about this book is how believable the characters are. I find a lot of the time when an author writes from both male and female perspectives that one is more believable than the other but this author nails it! At the core of Dangerous Flames, behind all the Mafia politics there is a sizzling hot romance between Gabrielle and Mikolas which unfolds as their worlds collide. This is what kept me turning pages. I loved every second with these two characters!


Dangerous Flames is very well written and the author has created a really believable story about life inside the Mafia. I relished reading the story through Gabrielle’s eyes as she finds her way through the mafia in a wonderfully clueless manner. It was a fresh perspective on a classic idea and it brought a lovely undertone of humour to the story. If you love romance and a good action packed story I’d definitely recommend this book!


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