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Nobody ever says, “I want to be a vampire when I grow up.”

Within every society and species there is a hierarchy. The supernatural is no different. Like all civilizations, the fall of the ruling class begot chaos.

As sentinel of the highest echelon, Talon Cantemir holds one thing dear…family. When the Courtiers threaten his parents’ existence, it’s time their centuries long assumed rule over the small Italian compound—home of the last concentration of supernatural—ended. A White-witch prophecy leads Talon to Arizona to play champion to the true ruler’s mortal heir. But there are complications. The willful beauty is unaware of her origins and destiny and a hybrid rogue is wooing the supernaturals salvation, their would-be-queen. Amelia.

Life is tragic for Amelia Keeler. People she loves die. In hopes of saving her remaining loved ones, she’s grown cold, distant. Dead inside. Until unholy cravings coupled with a magnetic attraction to two strangers challenge her idea of reality. Their instant rivalry and frightening tales of blood, extinction, and magic place her in the middle of a war she wants no part of.

Yet, Amelia can’t stay away. The terrifying feelings the men who aren’t men at all elicit, endanger their lives and the lives of her friends. Her death has the power to save or condemn them all. But does Amelia possess the strength to lead a secret nation and choose between two loves which plan to kill her?

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