Renewal by Tabitha Short (ARC Review By Gladys)


***Review From Gladys**

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Book Synopsis
All Grace has ever done is run away. After high school, she ran to Ole Miss, a college far away from her home in Sunset, Louisiana. After college, she ran to a job in Wyoming that spared her from a life in Jackson she didn’t want. Now, at twenty-nine, her husband has passed away and all she knows how to do is run, so she’s run back home.
Now she must work through her loss while building a new life. First, she must repair her relationship with the younger sister she left behind. Then, she has to find a new job, which lands her dealing with an arrogant, sexist boss and a very competitive co-worker. They’re the least of her problems, though. Her old college boyfriend, the one who broke her heart, is the Assistant Director. On top of that, her childhood friend, Morris, keeps showing up asking for a date and flaunting his country boy good-looks.
Going home seemed to be the right answer, but now she’s tired of running. It’s time for her to learn to let go, give in, and to heal. She has to learn that it’s OK to remember, it’s OK to hurt, and it’s OK to love again. Can she convince herself to move forward? Or will the pain of her husband’s death leave her unable to reach out to others?
Gladys #XOXOtheNerdGirlOfficial Review
Sigh… Sobbing…  Relief…  Sighing some more…  And sobbing again…  This is one of those novels that you have to make sure you have enough coffee made, tissues handy, comfy chair and blankie ready.  Yes I said BLANKIE!!!  Because everything that happens to Grace turns you into mush.  A big old blob of mush.
I am a lover of paranormal, urban fantasy fights and bloody assaults BUT this contemporary romance brought me HOME.  Reminded me of life.  The trials of them.  My personal demons and how I need to tackle them head on or fail.  
Tabitha short hit the nail on the head and knew just how to hit every single heart string I have and every fiber of my being.  I tip my baseball cap to you TABITHA.  I think I ran out of tears!  

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